On Steemit First: My interview with Dilbert creator Scott Adams

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I interviewed Dilbert creator Scott Adams today. Talked about Trump, politics, Dilbert, and more. This interview is not available ANYWHERE ELSE yet, as it is another "first on Steemit" experiment!

▶️ DTube

I would not have survived the '90s if it were not for Dilbert!

I ❤️ Dilbert

Check out the tv series if you haven't yet!

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This is super cool! Thanks for sharing this interview with us all here on Steemit.com/C.Tube!

Namaste :)

I like this "first on Steemit" concept. Scott Adams is an interesting guy. If you enjoy listening to him, his interview on the Tim Ferriss podcast is also pretty good.

Holly shit I love this guy, thanks for uploading on dtube.

This guy is so smart on decoding popular psychology. 100% upvote and Resteemed!

"I put far more credibility in Alan Dershowitz because he was a Clinton supporter who doesn't see a crime... committed by Trump." This guy is a really huge political moron. No wonder the alt right loves him so much.

the alt-right does seem to love the guy

The main allure of Scott Adams for people is the remarkable simplicity of his thesis. He is primarily correctly proclaiming that the persuasive power of Trump is off the charts. Critics wrongly conflate that with whether Trump or for that matter Adams is likeable or not.

I have Scott Adams book Win Bigly and found his critique of Trumps winning his presidential campaign spot on! In a world of persuasion facts don't matter! I pretty much figured out what was going on with Obama's campaign slogan "Hope," I got a pocket full of change with that one. I took a hard look at all the slogans after reading Scoot's book and had a good laugh....Hillary's "Hillary for America," Bernie Sanders, "Feel The Bern," and Trumps "Make America Great Again."

not so sure about that!

I am not sure about anything anymore....lolol

I am loving this "first on steemit" idea! Great way to support the network, man! I am happy you got Scott Adams this time.

yep, going to continue testing out the "1st on Steemit" idea, in fact have a good interview happening tomorrow that will likely appear here before it is anywhere else!

"...as soon as you join a team, you sacrifice all objectivity." There is certainly some truth to that.

Overall, great interview as always @davidpakman, Glad I could be here to see it :) .

the problem with him using that argument is that it is an argument AGAINST Trump, who recently "joined the team" of the Republicans

It is not universally true, however.

This is why I have an ex-wife, after all.

tipuvote! 0.2 :)

Thank you for sharing with us first hand. Your posts arw beyond awesome. I am still shocked that he launched the Dilbert website in 1995. That was very early to have a digital strategy.

we love dilburt..thankx for sharing

kind of annoying that many of his viewpoints boiled down to 'well you can't measure anything about my arguments, but Trump persuades the world to a better place'

yeah, they are arguments that cannot be refuted by their definition. convenient for him, but bogus.

We love Dilbert. And we hope you'll love our work, too. Check us out @thedailyleek

Cómo de un pensar se crea está comunidad steemit . Será que algún día haremos MÁS DE LO QUE Pensamos

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Good interview. Dilbert creator Scott Adams is very frank about tax aspect. Very frank in expressing that a politician thinks one – talks another and believes in something else.
Different topics of variety of issues covered decently.... nice post

excelente blog amigo, me gusto

Thanks for adding so much value to Steemit! It's good original content like this interview that we need more of, not copied and pasted junk posts. Keep up the good work.

I wonder what he had to say

I think if he had been here he would have cautioned you about self-voting your comments.

It looks bad, and doesn't do you any good.

Also, you can just watch the video to find out what he said =)

Thanks .will do

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He has an excellent channel on YouTube. He always seems so mellow.

I've never heard of him.

Love Dilbert

Scott Adams provided great insight and humor through his cartoon. Great way to get attention and admiration from his fans and he also expressed some really important messages about how people live their lives

I cannot watch your video. It might be a Dtube problem. People say videos are sometimes removed after a month in some cases. I am not sure what it is. Maybe Dtube is too busy. Maybe I will try again later.

This is the kind of content that makes steemit awesome! Thanks for this, it's super fascinating to hear the thought and see the face behind the drawings!

What do you think about trump? ;)

Your interviews are by far the best part of your show!

Önemli oldugu düşünüyorum bilgi almak isterdim

Nice post! Good job, keep it up. I follow and upvote you. Do same for me.

Well done, nice and interesting content!

Thanks for sharing this awesome interview @davidpakman! I love Dilbert!

Keep asking people like him about Steem and bring them over here, David!
Great interview

great thank you for sharing this beautiful post with us!

Haha this is sick. I used to love those comics

Hope you enjoyed your interview with Dilbert.

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First, props for making this a Steemit first! That's awesome =)

Second, I was really impressed that you were able to interview Adams so well, and this despite your clear disagreement with some, if not all, of his views on Trump. You did a great job neither being a sycophant, nor just quelling your guest.

I found that impressive.


This is interesting steemit.i love Dilbert and thankx for sharing on steemit. Congratulations @davidpakman

Thanks for this exclusive!

Thanks for breaking video here on Steemit first.

I love Dilbert thank you for this post.

Whuttt 🙄 Amazing!

Nice one @davidpakman I wish I could watch your show in my country. I am very sure it is awesome.

Congratulation ! real news, unbiased by the people, for the people :).

Man I grew up watching and drawing Dilbert in class🤣🤣🤣 glad to have him as a member of the Steemit community.!!!

world5list (55)

Wow, this is great! I've started to read his comic strips 2 years ago (that's the same time I got hired in a corporation... ).
Could (kindly) take an interview with the creators of http://www.commitstrip.com/en/? ? They're are really good and I would like to hear their story.

Very enlightening video.... Nice work

Scott Adams is ultra smart. Thanks for sharing this @davidpakman . I learnt alot

Great Scott! Actually he sounded a bit kooky sometimes and it breaks my heart that he's a Trump apologist.

I really enjoy your interviews. Keep up the good work.

Awesome interview

Interesting talk, I'm glad they kept it cool. Both parties agreed to disagree, moved on when the evidence wasn't available and didn't chase each other over missed points. Interview was on point.

Interesting talk, I'm glad they kept it cool. Both parties agreed to disagree, moved on when the evidence wasn't available and didn't chase each other over missed points. Interview was on point.

@davidpakman, Love Dilbert - this is an interview I'm not going to miss!

It is very convincing to hear a smart person discussing politics. We rarely have politicians reflecting the consequences of their not-doing the job

I love Dilbert. Thank you for sharing this with us! Give you 78% of upvote.

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I ❤️ Dilbert

Check out the tv series if you haven't yet!

I have the DVDs hilariously enough, just bummed out about all of it after interviewing Scott Adams

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