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@happycrazycon is from Malaysia .

She's joined us recently, and she is active in our community.

This is a nice review about @dtube from her and her child.

She is also the wife of @danielwong and a relative of @iamjadeline .

Please feel free to comment especially about her child, because he asked for feedback in the video. lol ☺

@happycrazycon is also a moderator of a nice community @steemitmamas .

You can join the discord of steemitmamas here : https://discord.gg/QbryRc

She is also a part of a cool community @steemitbloggers created by @jaynie.

It's really a great organized community here on steem blockchain, supporting bloggers for a long time.

@happycrazycon is also a part of Malaysia community @myach .

Please follow @happycrazycon , let's all connect. ☺

@nathanmars mentioned in the video.

@dcooperation is a community that makes people collaborate and we also have much bigger ideas and it's to gather people from all around the world to be as a single team supporting each other. Now we have people from a lot of countries and we may in the future make meetings in different parts of the world. For example, we have @clixmoney living in Russia, @tibfox from Germany, @alexabsolute from China, @bobaphet from Australia, @kawaiicrush from Canada , @cryptospa from Bulgaria, @cowboysblog from USA, and others. We will be happy to meet more people in @dcooperation. It's so nice that steem is really connecting people.

Written by @clixmoney .

You're welcome to join our community and send us the video if you want to participate in this.

We want to gather reviews about @dtube to make newcomers understand how awesome it is to be here.

You can answer this questions in the video :

What does dtube mean to you ?
What are you doing for the community ?
What are your plans for dtube in the future ?
This is the website that you can use to share the video : https://streamable.com or simply use google drive.

Let's make @dtube the best video hosting website ever. ☺

Thanks for watching and reading.

People mentioned in the video : @nathanmars & @clixmoney and the best idea to [email protected] improve the idea of #dtubesnap videos.

You are always welcome to join our community @dcooperation. ☺

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I like the idea of talking to random people and highlighting their story. Can't wait to see those @happycrazycon

Hahaha I hope I have enough guts to be videoing them and myself. I used to just have a casual chit chat and write about them. Lol. Well dtube pushes me out of my comfort zone anyway!! Thanks @cowboysblog for watching! :) Glad to be part of this great community of dcooperation though I am relatively quite new! :p

Yes i like your words i will try this idea..thanks

Thank you and hope to see you soon on dtube as well, @muratibali! :)

Awesome pusom super duper sharing @happycrazycon. I need to wait when the children nap only to enjoy this all by myself. Hehe. Great job!

Thank you @iamjadeline. But I was actually very blur and sleepy after church and lunch. I think I repeated my statements many times and not thinking straight :P

Nah... It is absolutely fine to me😉

How in the world did you manage to do a video for a whole 11 mins... That's like a whole long list of sharing !!
Btw.. I think @littledrummerboy stole the limelight @happycrazycon .... ha ha

haha yeah part of it was @littledrummerboy taking up some time and I didn't know how to trim him off. Was recording it before he came home but he came while I was half way through it too. I kept losing my thoughts, oh dear @ireenchew :P