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Today I'm coming to you representing the @onelovedtube community which is founded by our very own @D00k13

I'm very pleased to announce the development of a resource project that will over time build more resources for the #steem community with a major focus on Quality @Dtube Video Content.

The objectives will be to educate, inspire and help new comers and community members find their way in a vast area of subjects.

We will cover basic skills and more advanced tasks within the realm of our platform.

We will highlight other communities that have already made great contributions in Resources with the goal giving everyone a smoother process for success here on our blockchain.

We want to encourage everyone to give us feedback and to reach out to us with suggestions and request for tutorials and informative information.

We encourage you to either comment on any of our resource posts or you can follow the link we provide to our discord channel where you can use our "Suggestion-Box"

At this time we are developing more than one option to be able to retrieve and search our resources to give you a user friendly experience.

I'll be posting regularly to bring you more information and updates as this project grows.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us @onelovedtube

If you were tagged in this video, it is because you are some how featured or highlighted in the message we are sending across today to our fellow blockchain members.

Some mentions are for their on going participation with @onelovedtube and others for their great example of what our community stands for. If for any reason you prefer to not be "tagged" please reach out to me and I will correct that for you ♥

@dtube @d00k13 @gray00 @techcoderx @vladivostock @jongolson @steemsavvy @nathanmars @tanbay @jeronimorubio @mvd @kenmelendez

I am very excited about this new project and I thank-you for watching!


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▶️ DTube

Excellent, lol it’s so odd for me being highlighted 😅 I’m to humble I suppose.

Stoked to finally have some build these resources for us.

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😊 Me too! Thank-you ❤️

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Love that you are doing this!! My goal for this vacation is to get some videos out 👍

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❤️ Awesome! I’m working on something now that will maybe be helpful with that process 😃 Looking forward to seeing your vacation highlights on #dtube 😃

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This is very exciting!
Can't wait to see whats coming and learn more :D

Yes! I'm really excited! Hopefully I can cover several areas over time that will help everyone in some way :) I'll do my best ♥

I am sure you will impress us all. I am way too eager to learn about new things.

and so the pressure begins hahaha! j/k it will definitely be a mixture of basic to advanced. I appreciate the moral support ♥

I love to see more about One Love Resouces! :) This can help a lot of people all around the Steem community.

Thank-you @gray00 Always appreciating your ongoing support ❤️

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Looking forward to seeing some positive output from this page @deepsouthpiddlin. This steemit platform along with dtube is a great method tohave your message spread across the globe. Wishing you much sucess here on this platform.


I appreciate that so much ❤️ and likewise I wish you the same. I’ll give it my best effort to build useful resources. Yes, our blockchain is incredible with lots of opportunities. Thank-you! @slickhustler007

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Fantastic! So glad you all are working hard at getting this all done.

Thank-you ❤️

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Thank-you ❤️ Mine too 😊

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I hesitate, but just for now. I will reach out tomorrow. For now, overwhelmed and tired, I simply celebrate this day with its abundance and all the new things I've learned. Wow! What a day! I love the blockchain and all you inspiringly creative, loving, passionate, and caring people! <3

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