Three Days Grace - I Hate Everything About You ( Guitar Cover )

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Best Memories With Three Days Grace's Tunes Particularly When I Could To Play On Guitar!
This One Is My Favorite From Them
Hope You Enjoy!

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This doesn't appear to be a "cover". More like visuals of someone pretending to play a guitar, overlaid with the official copyright audio from this awesome band.

you should check all his videos to see how great he is playing guitar. and as I have been playing along with him in our band, I know him well, and this issue might be because of the software he used to add the studio version of this music over his guitar's sound in this video and it sound louder than his guitar so this happened.

How great that person is 'at playing guitar' is irrelevant. I'll say it again:
This isn't a cover, which is "a recording of a song by a singer, instrumentalist, or group other than the original". This is the official copyright audio, with homemade video of somebody else.

you are right, and I will also inform him about writing in title: Jam with Original Music or Backing Track and playing Solo Guitar/Riff or etc.

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