An Interview With Dlike Founder By @cryptospa

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Hello Steemians!

Just when we are into countdown of our IEO, here is an Interview with our founder Abdul.

Interview was managed by @cryptospa

In his talks, he gave brief intro about Dlike, STEEM Blockchain, Our upcoming IEO and the future plans.
Here we are sharing it with the community! Enjoy watching the video.

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I am waiting for this interview.

@cryptospa You are doing awesome man. Lots of useful info about dlike and dlike IEO now the people get from this interview. I would also thank the founder of dlike Abdul. I wish you all the best for dlike and their upcoming IEO

@cryptobdshool, thank you very much for your support and nice words! Yeah, the founder of Dlike is a great person as Dlike application is!

Thanks a lot! We are proud of every Dliker!

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To know Dlike better, I do my own research and read the Whitepaper. It makes a world of difference when we see the Founder and CEO of Dlike talks about it. Thank you so much @cryptospa for taking this interview.

I'd like to thank the Founder and CEO of Dlike for letting us know more about Dlike And its IEO. Let's wish and pray for the success of Dlike IEO!

@rezoanulvibes, thank you for the nice words! I am glad that you liked the interview. Yes, I agree with you! I also do my own research of white paper, site, team, etc. But, it is very nice when you see the people behind a project, when you can talk with them. It is a signal that they are open to listen to the community. So, it increases trust in the project

So BIG THANK YOU! to the founder or Dlike!

Thank you, @dlike for mentioning me in this post! It was really an honor to me to talk with the founder of Dlike!

  • After the interview I delegated some Steem Power to @dlike. In this way every week I will receive some DLIKE tokens.

  • Also I have already deposited some ETH to my account on IDCM Korea exchange in order to participate in the IEO (token sale) of Dlike tommorow! So, Good Luck to all of us!

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Thanks a lot!

It was really great to hear you speak. I've been increasing my delegations after the IEO announcement. Wish you the very best of Luck!

Thanks a lot!

@vimukthi, I also have delegated some Steem Power to Dlike. I think this is a great application. Also, I bought some DLIKE tokens during the IEO.

Woow great interview @cryptospa and now I am kinda updated of the ongoings with dlike. Didn't know the IEO is today. Will keep an eye on the platform as I am confirmed it is a promising one.

@yanipetkov, yeah, the IEO of DLIKE is in progress. I was able to buy some tokens yesterday early in the morning.

Dlike is one of my most favorite dapps! I use it everyday, thanks for the interview! Nice work😀

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@crypt-skip, thank you, buddy! You are one of the persons that I follow, and who I have noticed is among the most active users of Dlike. So, when Dlike comes to my mind, you always come to my mind as well. :)

ahamm what is delik token

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@izzahkhan11, what do you mean exactly? On the site of you can log in and post links to articles. They will appear on your Steemit page. Then if someone likes the post you have shared, you will get some upvotes.

Dlike is an application on the top of STEEM blockchain that is very easy to use.

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