Big Plans for Liberland - Jeff Berwick on The Liberland Show

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Jeff Berwick is interviewed by Adam J Carswell for The Liberland Show

Anarchapulco 2019 (Feb 14-17, Acapulco, Mexico) and Cryptopulco Tickets available at:

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Topics include: Vit Jedlicka, Liberland, ongoing progress with the Liberland project, Seasteading, Canada confiscates Jeff's Liberland passport, the Liberland consulate in Canada to get it back, Liberland has a lot of embassies and is growing all the time, a growing dedicated team, Anarchapulco 2019, split off conferences and forks welcome, the Liberland hockey team!

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We need more Liberlands. Next one should be in Costa Rica, somewhere in the jungle, close to the coast. We would be 100% self-sustainable.

i was just across it last year, i need to see how to get there this year.

Love the way Liberland is growing, still waiting on my passport! I hope to run a UK conference soon that Vit has agreed to talk at if the time is right 💯🐒

Thank You both for your time, energy and words! We are the R3V0Lution!

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Unfortunately No building on the island.

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