DTube REAL — @NED's LETTER to the STEEMIANS [A brief opera]

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Steemit CEO @ned and his team wrote such a beautiful letter to the Steemians that I felt it had to be set to music. This is my attempt at turning it into a little opera.

I started with the post. Here’s a link: https://steemit.com/steemit/@steemitblog/steemit-winter-update-2017-reflection-our-vision-statement-and-mission-and-a-look-forward. READ IT!

I didn’t prepare to perform this at all – it is completely improvised. I simply got the guitar, tuned it up, and started playing. So whatever sounds unrehearsed, was. There are also a couple of errors in there / it was a LOT of text!

In the song I mention the following amazing Steem-team folks: @goldibex @pkattera @andrarchy @theoretical. I apologize if I mis-sung your name! Let me know if I did :)

Here’s a picture of what my one monitor looked like while I was singing and playing (it's a lot of text!).


Tell me what you think!

Catch you on the flip side. We are alive!

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OMG, that was nice!

Hope you continue with other posts!

lol I love the creativity of taking the post and singing it! We must have the same definition of "brief" being less than an hour!

I will resteem and am enjoying listening to this!

We must have the same definition of "brief" being less than an hour!

Same as mine exactly!

Haha! Yeah, that’s the truth @jerrybanfield. I played music on @DLive for almost 3 hours the other day :)

Thank you for resteeming! That means a lot. Cheers, my friend! Looking forward to collaborating on some tunes down the road :)

Better than any audiobook I ever heard, LOL! Great job brother.

Thanks, my friend @abrockman! Haha. I appreciate it. This was a blast.

You always have totally extraordinary ideas, thats the creative mind of a genius

Thanks so much @pyro0816! Tell me if you dig the opera. It's 38 minutes long! Hahaha. :)

I did the whole thing. Good thing, you rocked the shit out of it in the middle and at the end.

Haha. Thanks! I did my best :) LOL.

I admire your tenacity. Didnt watch the whole thing but you win points for seeing it through once you'd started it! :)

That's high praise, my friend! Had no idea what I was getting into when I started, hahaha. Thanks for checking it out!

Haha, thanks for singing it for us!
I love how you can just tell a story, give information, hold a discussion, tell ANYTHING, while jamming. I absolutely enjoyed your performance. 😄
And the soft 'binance dot cooom...

Haha @art.life Thanks!

Yup. I tried to be tender with binance :) I'm always looking for vowels as I'm trying to sing the text :) As an artist, you will dig that mindset. I have to kind of be in there seeing what's next.

Thanks for the note! :)

Kent, you are super talented! Keep it up, I'm proud of you! 🙌🏼

You've been Resteemed by the @DtubeDaily community account. 😍🎥


Thanks @dtubedaily :) I love being part of the group :)

oh thats a nice music

Very cool!

@drkent From a not so good musician, to a cool musician, you're doing really good. I hope to keep appreciating your content!

Thank you @domivibe! I really appreciate it!

One can obviously do anything with music.


That’s the truth @djoi!

As many times as i think "tl;dr" i could really need someone like you.. i would never again miss a memo...

I have no idea what that means @pyro0816!

@drkent oh sorry i thought it's commonly known. TL;DR, short for "too long; didn't read"

Oh! Yes, just let me know, and I can read all of your memos for you! Haha.

Can steem go to $ 100 dollar in 2018 ?

That’s a very good question @steemian007. Who knows! :)

I don't know if you know about this study that was once done where they proved that a foreign language is learned better when sung, so this is like ideal the education and music at the same time for me lol well done!

Hey @tanbay, it makes total sense. :) And Steem and crypto are definitely different languages for me!

Thank you for collaborating with me to promote this post as explained at https://steemit.com/steemit/@jerrybanfield/10-ways-to-fund-a-steem-growth-project.

guitars make everything better !

At 17:50 you totally bombed it! I totally celebrate that moment.Hahaha

Haha! I absolutely did! :) LOL>

oh wow the part starting at 34:34 is even rocking more... great improvisation. I really admire your talent.

Thanks :)

Very nice post and great job

Dude, I listened to the first 5 minutes... This must have taken you a while to create.. very impressed .

Haha! Yeah, man, it was pretty nuts. It took me the 38 minutes to record :)

Wow dude. You must be so beat haha

Totally cooked. That's why I'm gonna go and do some @dlive later today! LOL.

Drink a ton of water, Rest up, and grind my man :)

Good posting..

Great...you should take a lesson on it.
Great try though.

I'm not sure what you mean @gjoeohere

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