DTube gets new colors!

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Time has come to unveil DTube’s new logo that foreshadows the launch of an exciting new version of DTube.

We would like to dedicate very warm congratulations to @albanlaurent, who brought this new design to life with a very professional and artistic approach.

We wanted to take the time to elaborate a deeper reflexion on brand values, positioning and colors, so as to create a strong and unique brand identity.

New logo in the making

We have been working on a new logo for the past month. Just a quick history:

v1: August 2017

v2: January 2018

Artistic process

First @albanlaurent tried many different approaches and unleashed the creative beast. It ended up with 3 graphics tracks

Route #1: Add, record, like, share, focus

*Route #2: Cryptocurrency & community *

Route #3: Evolution & Player

Navy blue and soft red

After many debates, we decides to choose route #1 with 2 colors to determine new DTube’s identity: “Navy Blue” soothes and reassures new users and “Uni Red” dot represents the famous camera”s “rec” signal, right in line with the platform’s video focus.


From this route, many different versions were drafted, with a lot of debates around the upper or lower case “D”

And finally ...

Discover the new logo that made a full unanimity from the team:

The new DTube logo

Mobile Apps and Favicon

We know a lot of you would have loved to participate in the design process through a community event but we felt we needed to keep it simple as design appreciation is very highly subjective. However, feel free to give your opinion on other variants as a comment below!

We really hope you will enjoy this new identity, if you like to use the new design, feel free to download the media kit in the About page: https://d.tube/about

Stay tuned, a new crazy update is coming!
The DTube team

Telegram (new)

Visit D.Tube


Yeah I can predict that latest update, Well my most of the prediction proves to be 100% right by the way, hehe.

Loving this new logo man💪💪,

Just bring that update, Asap🔥

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Thank you so much brother

Wow....truly attractive and a good one...love the way it was unanimity chosen by the team...👍

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What Do I See here?! Logo for APPs? ! Cant wait for mobile dtube!

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I really like the new logo.
Can't wait to hear of crazy updates :D

Thanks darling

At first I hope you are so much good.I wish to you are happiness forever.
Thank you to @albanlaurent you have given new version logo of @dtube that I have like so much.Really It is be so wonderful logo.I am so excited to use it.Tomorrow I will use it.Thank you thank you so much dtube community members

Thanks brother

The design looks nice.
Looking forward to seeing more updates from @dtube

Ooooh I love this!! Not just the different color variations - but the branding is also much more modern. Switching from harsh blacks and reds to slightly softer tones does wonders for the positive vibe and approachability.

Well done!!

Thank you dear


Hopefully getting uploads to actually work reliably is next on the list along with better error reporting when they fail ("unknown error" is NOT helpful).

Please contact my fellow Dtubers on Discord and they’ll be happy to help you

Yeah, no.

My point is, along with the marketing (colors for logo's and what not, that this post is about) is also very important that the site actually works. Upload problems have existed since I joined over a year ago! And when it doesn't work (3 times out of 4 about for me) there at least should be some help and suggestions right there on the page. Not a message "Unknown Error".

I already joined the discord, but It should work without having to join yet another (centralized even!) service. After the length of time DTube has been up, this should no longer be the solution.

too bad you didn't get Pewdiepie for DTube!

That's right, it's still good for the overall goal of decentralization though!

they might once he gets banned from dlive :p

Love it! simple, clean, eyecatching
$rewarding 100% 15min

Thank you so much

Ye that logo is more suited to the site :)
https://d.tube/about - "Page Not Found"

I love the new brand! Clear, positive and blue (my fav color ;) ) Keep going the good work!! I love your dApp as you probably know!


Thank you so much bro

Liked the new fusion of colors. Keep on going making improvements.
We do Love Dtube !!

DTube become better every day!

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Thank you so much

Logo looks good! Looking forward to the new update!

Thank you Mark

Loving the new logos! Well done @dtube and @albanlaurent!

Oh new logo
Congratulations for dtube
I love this logo 😍

Welcome the new logo my family...

Lovely, the design looks cool to the eyes

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Hey @dtube
Change is good and this new logo is Nice and cool. Great creativity.

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😋😍😍😋👍👍 Love it!! 💖
Looking forward to the update..so exciting!! ☺☺💕

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The new logo is awesomely designed, love it!

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Hoping to seeing the new update really, this is an amazing logo for change

Sexy! This year's SteemFest I've gotta get a t-shirt !!!

Wow this is outstanding logo @dtube looking motivational and dissent.🚀..Great work🚀 @albanlaurent and thanks for new updates😎👍👍

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This is really great update... Hoping to see more update from you guys.. I love the new logo...

Fantastic new logo stylings - it’s looking like it’s going to be a more refined and mature launch. You have a great product that deserves to be recognised.

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Thank you 🙏

This is great! I really like the new color scheme.

The design are awesome. @jacobite do you have an idea on other variant?

The beginning of a new era will start and let bring DTube to the moon!

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I love the new @dtube colors they are vibrant, attractive, and cheery.

Thanks bro :)

Fantastic Goooooood New Dtube Logo !
Community Connected Communication DeCentralized Dtube ♥♥♥ ♩♬♬

GodSpeeeeeeed 💙 ♩♬

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I really like the New #D-Tube Logo.
The Green colours would Look also really fresh and modern.
Could also be a nice one.

Im am a graphic Artist. If you Need some Support feel free to contact me. I will be happy to support you.
DIESEIN | Studio für Grafiklösungen

Bye, #nelar

Yes, green option looked really nice too but it doesn't always show well on all screen. Blue is more stable. Thanks for support!

Yeah that’s right.

Really nice. Love the new Logo. . Simple but remarkably strong.

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We wanted to make our brand feel more unique compared to before :)

You can see we are just slightly transitioning though, colors are not so different from before

Sadly, this doesn't matter in the least, since d.tube just doesn't work at all for me. No matter what I try, the placeholder for the video does not get replaced with actual content.

Wish it would. Plenty of folks create content I'd love to see there. Instead I'm left with Youtool as just about the only option for viewing video content. It's a damn disgrace.

Why dtube is not working for you ?

I do not know. If I did, I would have fixed it. I note that others have this same problem, and have stated that using other hardware is necessary to view d.tube video content, specifically desktop computers, while I use a laptop exclusively. That is the only clue I have to the mystery of why d.tube quit working for me some many months ago. I have reached out to @heimindanger on Discord - although months ago - to no avail. Any solution would be welcomed by me.

Thanks for asking. It's more than anyone connected to d.tube has done.


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No comprende Amigo.

How’s that a surprise to anyone?

Everyone loves surprises

Love the update logo. Really super cool

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There´s a Dtube >APP< ?! How come I didnt know about that?!

There is an unofficial app you can use. We're working on an official app too. Stay tuned!

I haven't seen the old logo, but the new one is cool!

Colour looks amazing can’t wait for the bigger update

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Wow really awesome logo of @dtube now looking more beautiful

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I logged on today and saw the change and I was like that’s new! I think the design looks much better and hope it’s the catalyst for new things for dTube

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Thank you 🙏

d.tube ist total bug ie des letzte was des braucht ist ein neues logo, sondern mal eine suchfunktion ! oder tags die funktionieren oder die möglichkeit das man alle videos seiner Abonenten ansehen kann usw...

Search / Tags navigation is fixed in next update, and just a bit more work is needed to get it ready for all users.

That will be really nice. I do have problem with uploads sometimes and have to go through the process, over and over again. Its almost a general problem for those from Africa especially Nigeria. Thanks

Ooh that’s excellent! I had issues with the search, although was able to fortunately search for things through the Steemit site, it’ll be nice to do it right on d.tube :)

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Kommt alles sehr zeitnah. In der D.tube discord Gruppe findest du mehr dazu unter “new dtube”. Trotzdem finde ich ist ein neues Logo genau der richte Start. Außerdem müsste das Logo aus rechtlichen Gründen ebenfalls geändert werden. Das nur nebenbei. Grüße aus Barcelona

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ok, das mit dem rechtlichen hab ich nicht mitbekommen..

ok, das mit dem rechtlichen hab ich nicht mitbekommen..

Really nice all about the logo. But please


Fix the search engine.

Yesterday I was presenting the site to a bunch of friends and the-not-working-search-engine is the worst thing since Mt.Gox.

Great job guys. Cant wait for the next version of dtube.

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Man, all the alt tech sites are rolling out some cool updates! Very exciting guys, good work :)

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These new design so awesome.
Looking forward to see new updates.

New one is cool @dtube
But I'm still in love with current one. 😉

I'm really looking forward to the new update you mentioned.

The design looks catchy and I like it a lot!

5 more days before I go full time DTube

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Uhh, me like it! Good job!

Cool. New logo.

Btw, how come my videos in my dtube account are not showing anymore? Does it get deleted after a certain period? 🤔

Was planning to add a longer video but it might disappear again so I'm not using it again until I'm sure abt what happens. 😊

I really like the new design, feels alot more modern and fun 😁

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Seriously? DTube for one year has not changed and now we have epic update! ...new logo. :/ :/ :/ I want to see new design of all of the interface. In dark mode, the search bar i white - this is what you should fix. You should add new options to videos (something like analitycs/YT studio on YouTube) and set new servers to keep videos much longer than 2 months...

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Sieht super aus! Alles richtig gemacht👍🏻

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But why the search doesn't work?

I truly appreciate how people behind dtube does business

You guys always have my full support and respect ✊

Let’s make Dtube Revolution

Quedó muy bonita la nueva imagen de la comunidad Dtube. Felicidades y felicitaciones a los creadores y diseñadores visuales. Un abrazo desde Venezuela.

Wow, well very colourful and love this new style.

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nice me...

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Nice! I like that you kept that piece of red representing the recording button there :) Now what sucks is that I have to rework my Dtube thumbnail picture haha :D But I actually like new logo more so Im up for it :)

An interesting creative process! I wish the app would be operational and stable soon. 👍

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Good to see you guys coming up with exciting updates.
The new logo looks awesome.

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Very cool. That's wussup. Looking forward to what's in store.
Onward and upward on your journey.

Love love love it!

lol, this is so weird. When I first saw the logo I hated it. It just put me off and felt sloppy or something like that.

But then, about a minute later, I really started to dig it. Like, sure, I've warmed up to things that I initially disliked, but that's usually over the course of a few days or something.

But within minutes I went from "meh..." to "yeah!". I think it has something to do with feeling a bit playful and childish [ not in a bad way, more in a creative & fun way ]. What I initially interpreted as sloppy, quickly turned into fun.

Sorry, that was a ramble, let me make it clear:

New logo looks great!

I think the fun nature to it helps d.tube stand out from the crowd. Helps make it pop & helps make users feel comfortable and welcomed.

Great job @albanlaurent, you did excellent! :^)

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As long as it isn't too crazy. I think the design is awesome. I hope it won't be any harder to upload videos that's all. Thanks for letting us know. Carol

That's a great news

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Amazing work, team!

Will the search engine be fixed? I know it's not entirely dependent on you but for me personally broken search engine renders DTube basically unusable

What is the best way to get the money back

I love the new logo it makes me think of justin.tv wonderfull unintended nestaliga

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I really like the new logo!

Hope to see improvements in the site itself though.

A few examples are fixing the bug/issue where a video won't load or takes too long to load and a slightly better homepage (I personally don't like the way the videos repeat themselves when you click on the next button)

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♥♥♥♥♥ benim yorumuda beğen d.tube ♥♥♥♥♥

hola, mellegó un mensaje tuyo, espero puedas ayudarme

Here is my entry , please let me know if it is ok because it is a few second more than the 5 minutes limit https://d.tube/v/greatvideos/hgykk0sn.

wow. all of these except for the route 3 thing look really crap.