D.Tube not as resilient as many of us may think... not good for permanent long term storage

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Many of us have been promoting D.Tube as the solution to the youtube woes and anti-censorship. Then this week we began noticing that many people were having their older videos no longer playable, and then completely gone.

Several of us in the #informationwar discord channel discussed how we recalled a portion of the post earnings being allocated to pay for storage. It seems like there was also going to be a way to pay more for longer storage.

Well that does not seem to have come to fruition.

At this point I would not recommend D.Tube for long term storage and a youtube substitute unless you are someone who is okay with your videos being short lived. If they do not have to exist for long then D.Tube is still a great solution.

My advice until something changes here is to treat videos like eggs. Don't put your eggs all in one basket.

Upload your videos to multiple video platforms, and this can include D.Tube.

Put a link to ALL of the videos in your steemit post, and if one goes down the others will still remain.

Here are some different video platforms:

Good luck. We are going to have painful periods when immigrating from corporate mega social media sites. Those sites have been backed by huge money and have been in development for a long time. We must be willing to have patience and deal with some discomfort and frustration as we help develop future censorship resistant platforms.

EDIT: This post from the D.Tube team is worth reading.
D.Tube 0.7: Welcome to the HD


How long can one reasonably expect for their videos to last on DTube?

No clue. I haven't used it myself. I just am reacting to observations of what is happening to people I encounter here on Steemit that were suddenly having their videos disappear. Also to things I have read over the past months since D.Tube came onto the scene.

I wonder if combining the likes of DTube with a decentralized cryptocoin storage service like Storjcoin could complement each other, allowing for long term storage with the minuscule costs automatically paid based upon the popularity of the video. In essence, a slice of the continual earnings would pay for the continued storage.

Well there is no reason that couldn't be done with the existing system either. In either case they just need some way to keep track of such payments. So it could easily be done with steem in conjunction with what it is doing now, but it simply needs web UI for showing when something is going to run out of funding and allowing you to purchase more.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Somtimes it is hard to wrap my mind around the technical end of things. Also is the informationwar discord an open group?

I am glad I can find you around here mate!

yes sir, here's an invite


sorry for the late response, I saw your reply earlier, switched accounts, and couldn't find it again ;>

thanks for the invite :-) I am still kinda learning my way around here even though I joined a while ago lol

Thank you for "answering the call" on this subject. ReSteemed and gave the info to the family protection group. Certainly something to consider when making videos and I agree:

We must be willing to have patience and deal with some discomfort and frustration as we help develop future censorship resistant platforms.

I've given up on D.Tube. The experience was just too frustrating. Uploads only seemed to work about half of the time for me. For now I am using Daily Motion until something better comes along.

Yeah, my advice is don't give up on anything. No telling what will improve. Though, yes you should definitely use what you can get working and revisit other platforms later.

One of these platforms will hopefully surge ahead and meet our demands, but we will have to deal with growing pains and the fact they are not backed by a giant corporation like Google and they haven't been in existence for more than a decade like youtube.

Do what you have to do, and what works for you, but my advice is to remain flexible and just adapt to changing opportunities in the future.

Someone suggested using firefox when uploading to D.Tube so I'm going to give that a try (I have been using Chrome). I have been using YouTube since before Google bought it and for now I still upload videos there too. Daily Motion has been my new favorite of late though. No reason to limit uploads to only one place anyway (except for limitations on your time of course).

@darth-cryptic - I haven't been on MINDs lately b/c it was a mess the last time I was there, but if you wish to join, I think they now allow for videos.


Thanks for the heads-up.

One suggested addition: if you can stand being alongside content that's (shall we say) raw, you can try PewTube: https://pewtube.com/

@nxtblg - pewtube is down for me.

Yes I noticed this issue with the way they deal with the ipfs files. I am thinking of making my own ipfs server to host my own files for long term storage.

Which will work as long as you are around and your server remains up. :)

The video's that get rewards pay for the storage from what I understand but if the video is not well received when it comes out there are no rewards to pay for the storage. I think an SMT for Dtube could help to fund storage and a way to pay out past the 7 day so the creators can earn from back catalog of videos. I am hoping they come up with a solution like this or the next service that builds on the blockchain will.

Yes. Yet some videos that got good rewards are missing. So while that is how some people thought it worked, it doesn't appear to be the case.

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Relevance: Decentralized Video Platforms/Alternate Video Platforms To Upload To, Due To Youtube Censorship
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@dwinblood - Just so you know, some (I didn't check them all) of the links are already dead for me.

Too bad.


Real.video, Dlive.io, and bitchute are alternative platforms. My recommendation to people is to use them all. Hell I'd even us DTube. I just wouldn't count on what I put there persisting over time. Real.video may end up being one of the best for Persistence. You see both DLIVE and DTUBE use IPFS and I'm fairly certain they have to pay for that decentralized storage. If they don't have some way to guarantee it's presence on IPFS for eternity then it makes sense that it might eventually vanish.

I believe DTUBE ties how long they keep something to how well it does.

@dwinblood - I've added your other 2 to my list, but really if the types of content on there (I haven't checked nearly any of these on my list thus far) isn't what I'm looking for or interested in, there's no point.

That goes back to what I said about traffic.

Not that I'm part of the mainstream collective because I'm NOT, but bigger means more selection.

Even here on Steemit I can see that there's hardly anyone writing about my interests.

Not all of them, of course, but I did a search for only the 2nd time & came up with only a handful of tags.


Yep, if we want to build censorship free platforms in some cases YOU will have to take the leap an build a community rather than expecting it to already exist. The only places such things already exists is on the heavily censored corporate platforms. It is my hope those corporate platforms will hemoraghe users... as that happens there is more opportunity and likelihood of the communities taking off.

There is no easy button. A lot of the things that are worth doing are challenging. Yet is is a personal decision that only each of us can decide for ourselves.

I agree.

If you ever come across a group of people who are interested (we would need capital), I'm in.

Upvoted and resteemed! Important information :)

One of the advantages of being ugly is not doing videos!

My advice until something changes here is to treat videos like eggs. Don't put your eggs all in one basket.

completely Agree

Lbry is likely a far better solution even now.

 While resilience is an essential skill for healthy childhood development, science shows that adults also can take steps to boost resilience in middle age, which is often the time we need it most. Midlife can bring all kinds of stressors, including divorce, the death of a parent, career setbacks and retirement worries, yet many of us don’t build the coping skills we need to meet these challenges. 

Really i appreciate you. Keep it up and well done... Best of luck.

You do have a good point about uploading the videos to multiple platforms. I was thinking of doing this so thanks for the reminder.

someone needs to make a tool that uploads one video to all the platforms.... That would be such a big help to content creators and a good idea for an open source project. Push it through the utopian.io to help fund the development. Could be a really helpful tool.

You forgot LBRY. Videos can be uploaded to Spee.ch, which is some kind of web interface to the LBRY blockchain.

I'll add it. I am not familiar with it myself.

Thank you.