My video lecture at Steemup Ghana + all the beautiful pictures that tells the success of the event.

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This is the 18 minute video of my lecture at the Steemup Ghana event, you haven't yet seen. Finally got it on Dtube.
Steemup Ghana held on the 6th of January 2018 and it was the first ever for the West African country. I made the trip with 6 other hardworking Steemians made up of @Fisteganos, @Tojukaka, @Ewuoso, @Gee1, @Ibukun and @Adejoke16.

The event was a success and we had so many videos and pictures from there that will tell clearly it was a success. We took turns to speak at the event and I also got my time and this time was really long as they allowed me to rant about Steemit over and over and over again.
Did I mention that, this was the first time that I would be using a microphone to make a presentation? Well, it was and the feeling of hearing my voice was

I Feel Blessed

The event was well organized and attended. I immediately saw the unity and brotherly collaboration the Ghanaians have and also their drive to ensure their community becomes relevant.
Little wonder they have been achieving some amazing feats on the Steemit platform.

@Tj4real's family rallied round him to ensure the success of the event. When his dad came forth to talk towards the end of the event, I was moved to tears knowing that at 61, there is an African who believes that their child should be on Steemit and changing the world.

Just have a feel of the photo gallery and have some fun seeing these sights.

In no particular order.

Hope you enjoyed the sights and sound?
Make the world a better place for someone today!

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Ive been to Ghana what a beautiful place

hello... i upvoted your blog and kindly upvote my blog as well...

hello... i upvoted your blog and kindly upvote my blog as well..

Great work out there with you and the team @ejemai. Good to see you all are making a positive impact on your community by spreading the knowledge you have about blockchain. Stay focused on your goals, keep doing good and you can achieve anything you want. Keep it up you have my full support. Together we can change the world with the power of Steem.

Thanks boss. I am really revved up now because your supports has made it possible for us to achieve new milestones. I am happy and want to thank you for your faith in the Steem Blockchain, and how you are helping make sure it becomes the most used and accepted crypto in the world.
I promise to keep riding with the power of the Steem to making the world a better place. Thank you very much for all your support and faith in the team and I.

PS: We will be looking forward to have you grace one of our major events in Nigeria this 2018.

Steem on

"...mining with your brain" Wow! that was a powerful statement! It was fortuitous that you discovered Steemit and quit your job, so many people wouldn't have heard of it without you. Glad to be in this with you, I'll indeed like to be a senator of my own Who was that recording the video? Her laughter and the consenting sounds she made were a lovely sound track for your Thanks for telling them that its no longer time to smoke oo....its time to mine with their minds! Great lecture bruv...Ib is waiting for you

Well done team Stach! well done @Fisteganos, @Tojukaka, @Ewuoso, @Gee1, @Ibukun and @Adejoke16!

Hmmmm, you just won my very wide smile for your accurate comments that showed you took time to watch and listen despite the length. It is support such as yours that keeps us going. See you in Ib soon. Steem on!

Yayyy....this makes me very happy

I'd love to be there with you really want to meet you bro kinda serious here, I as well believe in the future here on steemit....... Nice episode, great move from you bro Ib awaits this too.

Good job man

Thanks boss and i really appreciate the continuous support.

Fantastic job, keep spreading the word of Steem - it will grow so fast.

yea he is really helping to grow the steam community which is awesome to know

You have always made your moves on making the world a better place.
Keep on sir @ejemai
Remember we @steemit-uyo always gat your back

Thanks @utomobong, I know you got my back.

Fantastic piece, good to know the expansion in Africa is on a fast lane. God bless you for your hardwork sir.. We are waiting in Lagos @ejemai.

Thanks. We are on the Steem Blockchain and it is helping us move faster than expected. Looking forward to seeing you in Lagos soon.

@ejemai, WHOOOOOA !!!! massive turn up, great idea. the rules says,
Post your blog.
its that simple.

Steemit is a great idea anyday. Thanks


also i’m very new, looking to make friends💞

Welcome to Steemit where everyone is awesome.

Wow this is awesome! I want to help!

Great video mate, u have my vote ;)

yea, a good guy man who is doing some great work for the steem it community

Ghana my Home. Nice to see innovation coming to Ghana

This is simply amazing!!

Wowthis is really nice...seems i will be joining the next meet up here

hay me from indonesia want to know about this, anyone can explain how this program? sorry if my language is not good
thanks a lot of everythin

its time for us to have such in Nigeria too. well done, thiswell done.jpg is awesome

@ejemai this is a job weldone👏👏👏👏

yea its an awesome job for real

Good job keep it up....
enjoy life

Yea I agree totally 100%, enjoy life for real, I am trying to do that the best of my ability!

I love your creativity. It's amazing.
##follow me

hello brother ... please upvote and follback my steem ... thx

hello... i upvoted your blog and kindly upvote my blog as well..

Oke brother.. Thx

Great job sir @ejemai. You really look good in those pictures. Keep up the good work.

Great job bro, I wish you could organize something of this nature in Lagos soon.

Thanks bro. We are working on something massive for Lagos and environs and if you will like to be a part of the planning committee, do chat me up on discord or Steemit chat.

I must say without mincing words
You guys are doing a great job

I Feel Blessed

You can say that again.... and we are also blessed having you around to inspire us.
Good job @ejemai

Thanks mate and I am inspired more with you guys around.

good job votes bavk thank's

Nice post... keep spreading the steemit virus... LOVE

We also feel blessed to have an amazing leader like you.

AMAZING WORK, thank you for doing this and uplifting our community back home 💞🖤✊🏾🥑🌈

it seems that people in ghana are keen to join steemit. how do you gather people to create such an event.
because as you do, I also want to do here.

If you can (Dream It!) "Steemit" Bless @ejemai From @bitcoin4buying

Good word,very nic post,

The gang is up to it again. You guys are so fresh. @ejemai. Your fire aint dimming out for no 1. Thanks for the inspiration my sir..

Thanks for the support that helps the fire...

Keep up the good work team Ghana m also doing doing the same in south Africa

Keep up the good work sire. You can do well to check out this motivational post to stay motivated

WoW! This is amazing in what way you can show us your last experience. Congratulations!

greetings from india to ghana


Wonderful work. I love what you guys are doing. I just signup some days back. I am in Uyo and i have seen pictures and videos of the stach lunch in Uyo. They are wonderful. I will be visiting the hub today. Thanks so much for bringing steemit to us at Uyo. P.S I will really like to be involved in the community building. Thanks.

Welcome to Steemit and I am happy you made the right decision. Make good use of the Hub and help others find their place on the platform.

@ejemai you are great. More success Bro

Thanks @greatsam and I think you are great too. Steem on!

Nice work. There's this great feeling that comes with pioneering great causes. Wish i could watch this video but still trying to figure out how to access this Dtube as I'm still new here. Any pointers , please?

Have you clicked on the dtube link? Like the first image at the top of this blog is the dtube link

Yes but all it does is open an empty page. Thanks anyway

Ow it's just wonderful video.

I love those t shirts.
Want one. ;)
You guys are having a lot of fun. I want in.

Success sure feels great
Steem on!

Wa koyor oh sir @ejemai

This is just fantastic.. And you will only get better..

This is just amazing 👍🖤 keep this up

The Truth is our dear Steem was one of the MOST UNDERRATED crypto platform out there, not until the big news of its increase in value which brought about it's being used so actively now on a daily basis.

Till tomorrow, Steem is great! You create something and watch the free market work all for you. If people like your content, you get cool bucks

Thank you for making this information clearer @ejemai. Permit me to Resteem and share this post.

Now i suppose everyone will be posting facts to get instant $$

Soon the whole world will know about Steemit and Steem will skyrocket farther than the moon!

steady and cool

You guys are really awesome at this

Behind you Sir.
Anytime, any day.

God bless your efforts. please subscribe to my channel and hit the like help me grow i am new

hello if you like good videos check out my channel .... cheers! thank you all!

Great and wonderful job u threw out there prompting steemit in Africa

Good job done guy!

Good job done guys!

Wow.. Awesome job done here @ejemai . Changing your community with the power of steem.. Together we change the world

Ghanaians are beautiful people ... I hope you guys light up this platform



Dont get me wrong, I love steemit and Dtube (check out my page). But my older sister signed up for steemit the same day as me, and she STILL hasn't had her account approved! We also checked out AnonSteem but they charge ~$50 for accounts there.

I know we're not the only ones having this problem. Please fix the sign ups! So when all these millions of Facebook users come, they can actually get in!

you pUT in the hard work, keep it up.

Making the world a better place using the Power of People & Steemit....#Awesome!

wow amazing stuff y'all are doing over there! keep it up! so happy for your entire group, keep us updated!!!

Im excited to see that steemit is engaging African youths. Keep up the good work @ejemai and kindly reach out if u happen to be in Nigeria

I have upvoted your content. Keep up the good work sir. God bless you.

Never you stop the great work @ejemai

“What inspire me, is teaching African refugees how to program Javascript.”

This is really inspiring. Great work, @ejemai!!

This is really inspiring. Great work, @ejemai!!

It's a fantastic idea and I'm really pleased that Steemit is gaining traction in Africa. It didn't immediately dawn on me, the implications of something like Steemit for a developing country but now I can totally see it.

This platform can provide a means to a better life for many, and that's absolutely great.

It's really great that people from Ghana are also joining a platform like steemit.It will help them to express their thought's on a big platform like steemit also it will give them chance to earn a lot of money.That's a great initiative thank's a lot to you for such effort.@upvoted14242489148543.jpeg

Wow this looks amazing!

Waw!! this is very good, I love the courage you have to tell people about STEEMIT. Rid on

Hi! @ejemai I really love this post, and your blog too! I'm new here at steemit, I vote for you, Dear. if you vote for my first post about "introduceyourself" I'll be so glad!


steemit rocks

nice job bro. keep riding steemit.

thanks,i really benefited from it. its becos of u am here.i blog i earn

Hello go steemit community in Ghana. I'm based in South Africa and we havn't had a steemit meeting yet. Thanks for the encouraging blog posts, you are motivating me to also organize my own meetup!

best regards bro...

Good job @ejemai, more power to your elbow

Good job. when will steemup Nigeria hold?

I have been looking for a way to thank you or appreciate you for all you have done. Sir... Thank you for the meet up the Outreaches all you've been be honest thinking about everything you have done amaze me and am like ok..this guy is God sent...with the hrt of God.... I owe you to be honest maybe I can support you in anyway I can and do to others what you have been doing.....

Lol I wish there was a more private place to write this..but here you are thank you.... sincerely.... @ejemai

Fantastic! I am planning to start communities in westafrica too! Happy to connect.... keep it up!

nice one though chicks were scarce. Seems they only like to spend money but never interested in how it's made

Really beautiful post..inspiring .

When is such gonna happen in Nigeria pls!....

good to see ghana people happy with steemit keep it ghana u will got success.

Am glad you are taking @steemit to another level, we need more people like you in this community to make a better place for everyone.
i believe this kind of event will take place in @Nigeria someday and i also believe i will be a big part of it this time.

I want to know why everybody is crazy crazy with steemit.......

Awesome looking

This is what am talking about !!! Thank you guys for promoting this platform :D

Thats a nice work getting steemit out into your community @ejemai ! I had a great friend djembe-fola in Paris who was from Ghana ) He was a quiet and graceful human being as I recall ! Was awesome playing the drum with him ! Steem On to your Dreams )

@ejemai you did a great job here.
Keep it up , i will definitely resteem.
Keep it up.

One good thing about steem that i noticed is that a lot of people and different cultures from all parts of the world are adopting it. This is actually a good thing for steem. The more people adopt it, the more it grows.

word steem is the best.

Am still reminiscing the excitement of the was good..thanks @ejemai

You and me both mate.. it was classic and a fun time. Steem on!

After that meeting you can really see the growth in the steemit Ghana community. You guys have motivated many Ghanians to participate and share their stories.

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