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The video starts with an intro of showing one of the people who rode the One Wheel Hoverboard in this video.

After that, it goes to family clips of Emafe introducing herself yet again and explaining how she resigned from Acadsoc due to anxiety. She ended up having to get treatment for General Anxiety Disorder and panic attacks and is now on medication now.

Since taking medication, she has gained weight from being super thin, to a normal size and she can now exercise without getting migraines or becoming anorexic.

Chris is happy because she is eating more, is less stressed, and Emafe explains more about it in Tagalog to her viewers.

After a few clips of the family, the video shows their household getting ready to go to church. All of them are dressed up and then after church, they head to @viverlie's birthday party where @chrisrice meets with Gerhard ( @usveteran ) and @nathansenn.

This is where it gets really interesting... Nathan brought his One Wheel Hoverboard and is asked to take it out for a test drive, so he does.

After showing everyone how to use it, some of the Filipino locals give it a try. One guy dances, another one falls and a young lady almost falls but is rescued by someone else.

This is just one of the videos you'll find of Emafe and her family at Feel free to subscribe, share, and if you live in Davao City, Philippines.. meet us at SM City Davao (Ecoland) for a #SteemPhilippines meetup!

  1. The restaurant they ate at is called "Casa de Negro"

  2. One Wheel Hoverboard

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