Steem practical examples - #2 - Showcasing Steem Applications and the token Economy.

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For a lot of people outside our ecosystem Steem =

This is understandable but also a shame. It's so much more than that!

Steem is the blockchain and Steemit is an app build on top of it.

What we are building on Steem (the blockchain) is the biggest social economic ecosystem in the blockchain space.

Steemit is part of this ecosystem. But Steem itself is so much bigger than that!

On Steem we have the biggest community in the blockchain space and we have many amazing apps build on Steem too that are well used!

In this video, I'm trying to showcase some of those fantastic apps and how they will all be linked on Steem through a token economy.

In order:

Steem Monsters
Steem Engine

I want to educate people about Steem by making these Practical Example Videos.

I'm still learning how to go about it the best way. This showcase was recorded in one take.

I want to get comfortable talking about all the applications and the only way I know how is through practice.

That's how I learned to vlog too.

I think there is a lot of info here for Steemians that been around for a long time but also anyone that doesn't know much about Steem.

Where I ultimately want to work up to is a 15 min informative showcase reel of Steem and make it spectacular.

All feedback is welcome!

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That video covered a lot of stuff in 15 minutes.
I would say that if you are trying to reach out to people who don't know much about steem, break it up into shorter chunks.

Overall it was great.
Be sure to emphasize that keychain can act as your token wallet for all those steem engine tokens... or most of them.


i agree even 1 to 5 minute info videos with a teaser for tomorrow's video? This will also give me a chance to watch and get votes in and percentages right, before you lol

edit: i got no idea how to make videos and what the majority of people like, just my two cents, thanks

I'll think about making some shorter ones too. I'm still practicing.

So Exyle, hows cooking life been?

Doing well! Summer is here so the grill is making overtime :)


How can we change this on CMC?

That is a great question!

Great idea, but it seem to me like educating people who are already educated somehow. What percent of your audience is considered as "out of blockchain" users? Is it worth?

Great video, I'll share it as much as I can.

great explenation! gathered the most important infos

Hey Mark great explanation! There are still a lot of people who think Steemit and Steem are the same thing, which at this point is obviously not, these videos are pure gold, I hope you can get a good amount of views for this series on YouTube. Didn’t knew about TokenBB, actually I heard about it but never really took my time to look into it, lots of activity in there too.

Steem-Engine is doing a fantastic job in showcasing the potential of the blockchain, but we really need SMTs on mainnet level, any news coming from your witness about its development?

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Thank you, man! I have no news about the developments. I'm awaiting a new post by them.

Well I think personally 15 minute videos with one subject per video you have then a chain of videos you can air with daily intervals. But you are the one with the knowledge and allready did like 300 video's? 😉

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Great job! These are great ways for new users to explore the ecosystem as they onboard here!

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Hi @exyle, great post, there are some in the Korean community we that are post in know very little about but are very big and popular in the Korean and Asian communities. I am talking about steemcoinpan (SCT) and TripleA (AAA). Have you heard about them? I just started using the of recent, most of their post are in Korean language though, but I use Google translator to keep up. Lol.

finally the steem blockchain is showcasing what's possible on a large scale !

After the first great tutorial, there comes the second one... Simple and clear instructions... Steem Monsters is my favorite, too :)
Thanks for the video @exyle

Sharing part 1 and 2 in the different rooms in discord too, education is key !

Actually out side of the STEEM community people are not aware that STEEMIT is just a dapps developed on STEEM. So it making some problem here for normal people who is part of crypto but not part of STEEM community.

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Amazing video exyle, I recommend you to increase the volume of your video, English is my second language and I have found kind of difficult to understand if there is just a bit of noise around me.


That is a wonderful thing! You, of all people, know how much we at @heyhaveyamet and @steemterminal love to educate and help people!!! I am sure @brittandjosie has already put this video up in the Steem Terminal.

Thanks for a good job!

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Is there a place where all of the dapps that are built on the STEEM blockchain are listed? I think we need to start getting the word out about some of the smaller ones that people maybe haven't heard of before.

Great video on Blockchain !!!

"Steemit is part of this ecosystem. But Steem itself is so much bigger than that!"

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