Vlog 179: Steemprice + Blocktrades disabled SBD and STEEM [Update - It's FIXED] + Dutch Financial Times mentions Steemit.

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I admit that I sometimes speak with some aversion about old systems like banks but also traditional media at times.

But when my brother ( @look4balance) send me this clip today I did feel joy.

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-05 at 11.34.10.jpeg

It's Steemit being mentioned in the Dutch Financial Times. For me it's just another sign that the word is slowly getting out.


The Steemprice had a small pullback from the $8 mark which seems only healthy to me. It's still solidly above $6.

What I noticed about my own payouts (that have gone up a lot, because they are calculated over a 3.5 day average price) is that the amount of Steempower I get is incredible low compared to the SBD. Again another reason I consider it so precious.

I wanted to send some SBD to blocktrades today when I noticed that the option to select SBD and STEEM was not there.

I tried using it with a memo I used before just to see what would happen but it did not work.

Blocktrades is my favourite way in and out of the STEEM blockchain. I hope it's back up soon.


block trades posted a message about the wallets. here.

We're working as fast as possible to get the wallet back up. In the worst case, I expect it to be up in the next two to three hours.

If you've reused an existing memo to buy or sell Steem/SBD, your transaction will automatically be processed at the time our Steem wallet comes back online.)

I am a witness with our developer group @blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support us I would appreciate your vote here.

We build Steemify a notification app for your Steemit account for iOS.

Get it Here:

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Steem price is keeping decreasing.... I am very afraid on it...

indeed, the amounts of steem were getting is slowly going down, we need to accumilazte as much as we can now, because it seems that its going to boom this year

The good news keeps rolling in! Steem to the Moon!

Steem is getting itself out more and more.
Through all, Steem will be the BEST platform going forward for 2018.
The value is exponentially irresistible

You are getting so much SBD because a lot of witnesses have changed the ratio at which SBD/STEEM is created in order to "print" more SBD to get more of it out on the markets in an attempt to normalize it's price. I hope that makes sense.

Wow, that's some nice information I was not informed about. Thank you for sharing!

sensible news and suggestion. Thank you

I was wondering about that... Still has a long way to go. If SBD and STEEM become exactly equal will that mean that payouts are expressed in USD?

I don't think it is likely that will ever happen again.

Exactly, this currency has already lifted. The changes will have waves like any other cryptocurrency, but unless a backup is added (like USD for USDT), it'll run anchorless through a variety of prices.

yes this currency will continue to grow. I believe that it is a very smart investment. especially Steem Power specifically.. It sucks that you can't withdraw it all immediately, though I think the returns will be very promising, so I am happy to withdraw little amounts over an extended period of time.

I would like payouts and everything to be calculated against SBD instead of USD. If the coin's value goes up and we are therefore paid less SBD, I think it's unfair for the early comers!

I myself don't want the price to normalize, I want it to mooooon! My earnings would be worth so much more!

This happens every time the price pumps. You're supposed to sell when SBD gets high. So it will not last. Has happened repeatedly.

Thanks for this news. Very informative.

What did the ratio used to be?

the reward ratio is supposed to be 50/50 - Steem/SBD but has been closer to 20/80 recently in order to "print"more SBD so it's more on the markets and it can't be pumped so easily. SBD should be worth $1, that's how it is designed

How can one find out when they make that change? It seems quite material to various strategies?

I have not seen any change in the ratio of my payouts. They seem to be at 50% in SBD?

steem.supply had that information but now it doesn't show it anymore. I asked the app's creator @dragosroua to add it back in.

Thanks. I saw an old post on that when I was googling and thought the same thing. Hopefully he brings it back.

aah if this is accurate then I get it now :)

That is great news... Steemit is now hot topic on prime media channels, which will definitely bring positive growth for the platform.

I agree. It's slowly getting more known. And it's only just getting started.

I've also noticed this. A few days ago a long-time friend messaged me and it turns out she's also using Steemit! I thought it was coincidence but now it's clear that we're touching the hearts of everyone who hears about us!

Yeah! Absolutely right. This is a signal that the Steemit community is starting to take off. I hope it will grow to be much more, since I love the system's design and the plans of the Steemit team!

Hey there =)
Like you I wanted to buy some Bitshares (as I'm loading heavy) via SBD and couldn't use my favorite tool =/ .. I tried to look for alternative but except a doggy website there is nothing lol
Hopefully they will be back tomorrow
See you around my friend =)

you can buy bts with openledger with 0 fee and receive more than with blocktrades

How can I get my SBD to buy BTS without blocktrades gateway I don't get it?
If you can explain the method =)

register in openledger.io and deposit to this exchanger steem,( without fee and trade to BTS ) thats all zero fee, after that you can withdraw bts if u want or trade with other coins

Sweet ! Does it work on wallet.bishares.org ?

not sure i think from exchangers we got only bittrex,poloniex and openledger-dex accounts in steemit , but i think you can withdraw your bts to bitshares wallet, just ask in openledger support :)

Thank you very much buddy =) Appreciate your time I'll check it out

pudiste comprobarlo ? con que intercambiador ?

deposit has no fees, but withdrawal costs a little

oh really? Great I would give it a try too.

The shared video is very informative, thanks for sharing. @exyle

Hi @jlcryto @exyle.... where could be the buy to increase steempower ... if there will be an account where you can deposit with paypal $ for the increase of voting power

whats this doggy website you speak of lol

Blocktrades has been down for steem before. It usually comes back pretty quick. I noticed I'm getting a lot of sbd compared to sp too

it's already back.

Please Up Vote my post please

I am kind of relieved to know that the price of Steem has come down. Its movement northwards had me slightly worried. I was planning to invest in steem. At that price it would have become more expensive for me to buy.
A Lot of people are talking about steem. The word is out. This is how i came to know about steam. Thus i am not surprised with it getting mention in dutch financial times.

I'm happy to see the price of steem go down, as it allows me to stock up on steem power :) I think everything i make for the next month on steemit will go exclusively towards steem power, let's see how that plays out

So steemit was actually that strong as a platform.
Even was mentioned in Financial Times. It's just so great.

I didn't think about blogging before, just wanted to check what's this mythical creature called steemit about. Because friends told me that it can interest me in a way.
But it just breaks all the limits. It has so huge potential.

Hello Mark, nice to meet you ;)

You are absolutely right, my friend, that the media is gradually recognizing the existence of the Steemit and I am pleased to realize this with you, our time of universal recognition will come! Also pleased that the rate of STEEM is stable against the backdrop of a rise in price Bitcoin. It's good that they informed us about the problem with the blocktrades, I hope they will soon be better! Thank you Mark and keep us informed of what's happening!

Yeah man, noticed that. Wonder what that’s about?!

I managed to sell some SBD this morning with no problem but i see now that the option is gone! I will use my connections to find out what is going on.

I'm sure it will be back soon. normally I just send to the same memo without looking because it's always there.

It’s just a matter of time before steemit is massively adopted, and for other projects that rewards users creation and interaction to be created.

This concept will end up taking over all social media. And hopefully, steemit will be the leader.

Thx for the information, nice to see also some dutch newspaper writing about it.. Did not see it before.. I really thnk we make a big jump in new users in 2018.. The older generation makes use of Facebook and they get tired about is.. This proves that we are just at the beginning.. Your post pay-outs are massive.. dreaming to have that once.. this is great and you deserve it as early Steem adapter.

Hey man

A nice gift from thejohalfiles to get the weekend off to a bang I see!

I wonder what the deal is with @blocktrades? - I've been using them almost exclusively, but I guess this will make me look at other options - Like buying STEEM on the internal market and Powering up - always a good feeling there!

Have a good weekend!

I have bought some STEEM on the internal market instead. I'm sure it will be back up soon.

Mark, this is really great news. Your brother is just in time aboard I think. He already posted his second post!! Have a wonderful time in Londen!!!

Oh I am sorry for your friend. But there must a way to solve this problem. Maybe sending his ID to Steemit costumer service and try to contact them. I have my password saved on my laptop, but now I think that I should write it in a notebook in case something happens to the laptop.
Thank you for sharing this video and have a lovely day :)

Wow cool, Steemit is mentioned in the Dutch newspaper! I would read the whole article when it wouldn't be mandatory to register on the fd.nl ;-)

wow slowly and steadily steemit is getting the attention from all over the world this is a great beginning :)

It's something big!
Even the Dutch Financial Times now mentions the platform.
By the way how your brother feels about steemit now? After doubling his investment? :d
You must be like "I told you so".

Thanks for sharing, love your vids :)

I didn't use blocktrade option so far! Hope they will be up anytime! Can you please translate what Dutch Finance Times news paper said about Steemit?


Het Financieele Dagblad

:D Bro you got it wrong, I asked you what that article said :D Anyway thanks!


I think SteemIt has done a fantastic job growth wise in the last year and a half. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that in less than a year SteemIt is going to explode.

If the price of STEEM continues to rise and stays steady, many private bloggers will soon realize that it will be more profitable to blog on SteemIt than their own websites. I think that's when there will be a huge influx of new members.

All I know is that SteemIt is only going one way, and that's UP!

You are always thinking, even on vacation! You need to relax a little. You remind me so much of my son. I think yu are probably the same age too!

It's hard to not think crypto at the moment for me. Bianca would agree with you 100%. I'm 33.

My son is 32. And he thinks in much the same way as you do.

Very remarkable indeed! Normally Dutch Financial Times would not interest me a second, due to the fact that mostly the highlights are that Rutte f%cked up again with the cabinet and what the consequences will be for senior citizens and single moms.... (no offense to both groups, i love you both!!)
But this....is.....a ..milestone. And a big one, congrats to all of us!

Something is always up, down, in or out service in the crypto world. It's an adventure for the brave of heart! haha... and yes, the masses are coming. (-:


I have often wondered how far Facebook and Google are into block chain/crypto.

As it is anonymous, Mark Zuckerberg could already own millions of steem under an assumed userid (or many)

Both companies have been wise investors in technology in the past. I’d be shocked to find out that they aren’t already deep in the glory of crypto/blockchain.

If/when it becomes public that they own steem, can you imagine how the market would play out?

I found the article, but it is behind a paywall.


stupid paywall!

Mark, Such a great news in the DUTCH papers and you are in London :-)
But very good your brother @look4balance keep you posted about such news.
Seems your brother has the STEEM spirit !!!
En wat een resultaat op deze post ! WOW !

Man, I feel excited every day man! Such a great time in cryptoland ahead! Enjoy every bit of your stay in London my friend!

I invited my friend to steemit. But she is thinking that steem is a scam (ponzo scheme)

You don't need to buy anything to join. You can just make an account and start blogging.

I'm glad I made an account even though it's taking longer than I thought it would​ get some if any upvotes on posts. it's​ not easy..... 😅

I know it. But every Russian has negative financial experience. She wants fiat currency in her wallet, not crypto.

Tell her to go to work in restaurant as a waitress if she wants fiat in her pocket :))

she is unemployed.

Hello ,
I am new to steemit , and when I first discovered it I was really overwhelmed , thinking that Facebook and its ways might come to end or be forced to change in a radical way .
As I see things I think that facebook has many glorious days to look forward too as I am a bit dispointed in steemit and the sort of "elististe way it works ....
All I have sen for now are people that argue sometimes on the feeds , just like facebook , people that put on wondrful contents and that are not even looked at because they are not really part of the steem elite or family ....
So i am wondering when you have a mass of people on a network doesn't it in the end work like our human socity works : rich get richer , poor stay poor , popular stay popular etc .....

The really positive point is that there are no ads and the trolling can be contained here , the contents are 90% of the time very interesting ... And the fact that uses the Blockchain tech which is quite revolutionary and we are only at the begining of it .
Do you really think steemit can take over FB ?

Steemit is not yet very popular here in France , and I feel quite alone as I am no one or yes I am someone with fears , a story to tell even if I can be shy , hopes and dreams just like EVERYONE .

I am from Argentina and I share some of your thoughts ( love you country by the way, i did my thesis in Tarbes, Midi-Pyrénées) , but here are some tips:

Steem and steemit is yet very very very new

You can compare with facebok but is not a new social media, its a disrruptive one, is onother creature, it will take time and they can co-exists, think that in the early beginnings of internet, people would think which 5 webs would you use more, and if you see now there are millons of web and each person uses houndresds of them for differents things, same thing will happen with blockchain, there is no winner or no five wonners, there will be houndreds...

Also, I started to post in english because the community at it most speaks that language, but later on there will be a place for each other, so I will star posting in my native language and you should too, it is very googd that you are one of the "firsts" french people on steem, you are a pioneer!

à bientôt!!

Also, the elit people here have Thousands of posts, so, when we reach that quantity and also with their quality we could see if that is the true, which I don´t know now, but thats the only way to know..

AH Tarbes ! I did my studies at the university of Pau !
What a small world ! WE have to keep contact am foloowing you now !

I will also post in french soon and I think that everyday I will have a look at the newcommers and give them a thumbs up , after all if steem wants more people how about making them feel welcome and giving them a little power up ! I think that would be just faire ..... A bientôt mon steemami ;)

Sorry for the delayed answer! Yes, suere! Pau! My french profesor lives there Thierry Coudert, and I remember the Castle! Beautifull there!! à la prochaine aussi mon steemami !!!

Hi. You took the time to make a Good comment (thought out, & not too short). So just keep doing that -- keep those 'fingers flying'..

*I upvoted you, in case u did not realize (not 'cause I want anything in return, but because you did a fairly good comment ).

And Also, I suggest you get some good premium images (buy some, it doesnt cost all that much) - that'll help you, in the long run.

And EDIT some of the Images to make them UNIQUE !
That's what I like to do. The more unique one can make 'em, the Better ☻

The editing program I invested in is called Adobe Elements ♦♦ Take time, do some research into editing programs, & Go girl, go.

Keep the Faith -- Jan

I think i have improved a little !

"You are your own boss" That is a great way to put. Being in control of your success and failure feels good. Thanks for the update.

Its price will rise and break through the 25000 barrier and then we will see the same scenario

Zuckerberg won't ever go decentralized. He's a power hungry maniac at the end of the day. Dan and Ned created Steemit in a way that empowers the common man to take control of his own life and his own destiny. I've studied Zuckerberg enough to know that not only does not he not want that for us, but he's repulsed by the very idea. Great video. I really hope blocktrades gets it into gear. I wouldn't be too worried. This community is resilient.

Will wait to be amused by your comic strip (I saw u yesterday, when u were at the same post as I commenting on it).
Decided to upvote yr remark here, as I found the #FB reference noteworthy

#STEEMIT commentary too.
Take care.

Thank you Janashby! There will be plenty more comics to come : D

I've seem that blocktrades disabled sbd for some time, I eas trying to create a steem account with preloaded steem for my mom at that moment!

It is great the word is starting to get out there, I joined this on a while about a month ago now and I have been very happy with the community so far. You are not going to make millions of dollars but it is a fun way to make a little extra reading about posting about things you already enjoy!

Blocktrades for great financial deal.

with this level of awareness by Jim Stolze , am happy is a good way for steemit to start the year.
Surprise! - Imgur.gif

Wow! This something new to me. Thanks alot for sharing this article. Wonderful article.

Hello sir, How are you? Thank you very much for sharing your valuable post. At first I have seen news. I feel happy to see that the Dutch Financial Times have written about it. You are great. really. It is not necessary to explain it that why I am telling great. Though I tell, Your all tips, news, post, support is very helpful for new user of steemit. You are a great hope for newcomers. I feel proud that I am your follower.

@exyle We are so overjoyed that this POST is currently at a payout of $1000.00 !!!

It is up and rolling

we are happy

@exyle, 4 hours ago, I have been on blocktrades to check the fee and SBD and STEEM are in there maybe just a moment after I left the happenings had happen.

This post is doing great! I bought STEEM a few days ago without a problem
Really I will Im not a liar!

Nice news steemit, go by Facebook users it will matter of time

Blocktrades will be back soon indeed... the thing that the Dutch press is talking about about Steemit is really a huge push forward to the platform and Steem as well... Soon we could see CNN, BBC, FOXNEWS and other international chanels talking about Steemit. then Steemit will rank around to 10 in Alexa

Wow is amazing way for steemit

Wow its fantastic
Happy information for us

I'm upbeat to see the cost of steem go down, as it enables me to stock up on steem control :) I think all that I make for the following month on steemit will go only towards steem control, we should perceive how that plays out

Wow, I also like @look4balance. I believe steemit will mark the demise of facebook, only a matter of time.

Thanks mate, totally great post and really healthy lookimg account you've got. Totally imformative post. Thumbs up!!!!

Yes bro iam also shocked when i saw the transaction options in the block traders . Actuall i want to withdraw my sbd today i dont have a bittrex or poloniex accounts ..i only have one option that is blocktraders but in that there is no option for exchange and withdraw ..i felt very dissopoint at that time..present i have no option to withdraw bro...feeling bad...its a worest situation to me for withdraw...bro do you know when it will be open a transaction and withdraw..plz tell me bro if you know....@exyle..

I like your app for Steemit account

Is there a place where I can get a better big picture idea of what this is? It seems amazing, but I'm really curious to hear about the mechanics of it.

Thank for the info. keep up the nice work

well, I think its gonna be harder to maintain the site when we get so many at once, I don't think it would be good to have all the attention at once.

we will end up having so much fake news, and bad quality content all over the place.

Thanks @exyle for your post. It is only the beginning for us here at Steemit, I believe very soon, Facebook will be force one way or the other to begin to reward the billions of users on its platform if they want to prevent the bleed. Steemit rewards genuinely and it is changing also lives.

It will be back after the like a month of period.

Informative post
Thanks a lot for sharing it.
Resteemed and upvoted

Dear I am new here.I don't know how can work here.I have read your post,try to understand your blog.



Yes,Now I am feeling upset about the time I have wasted on facebook.This is a superb platform where we can learn,enjoy,grow and earn

Good story 👍👍👍

Good post bro ^^

Steem price has increased.. But why steem doller price is going down... this made me so sad. Can you give me some news about this @exyle

I tried to bring more people to Steemit every day.. Why keep using fb? Give our information for free?. Sad thing is, i need to use facebook to get people out of facebook..

thankyou thankyou is verry nice goood poste

Hi @exyle
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Great news that steem was mentioned in the financial times, any publicity for the cryptos is always good :)

very interesting @exyle about the articles you share to make me want to like you and
want to know you, I am still new to join at steemit. Hopefully my post one there that you like. I hope you will visit my website
Thank you

well it is more exellnt to listen it and i think steemit is most valuable blockchain in world its totally diffrent and give us many benefits as compare to other all blockchains and today i read a news maybe it fake or right that the mark zuckerberg talk on it to start some like steemit,,,
also its new for me that blocktrades miss the sbd and steem option what happen with this and why @exyle ?

goodbye mark zukerburg lmao

very low steem power is being rewarded which is actually insane for anyone they are just looking to get rich quick

Wow facebook with steemit. That was amazing

Wow @exyle you have pointed out right thing in your article.Good learned a lot from your post thanks a lot keep it up :)

Interesting information. Thanks for sharing. Regards

you are great share all @steemit member..l prayed god all steemit member save...didn't think about blogging before, just wanted to check what's this mythical creature called steemit about. Because friends told me that it can interest me in a way.
But it just breaks all the limits. It has so huge potential.

The shared video is very informative, thanks for sharing

Yes really, it is a case of bye bye Facebook and welcome steemit. Thanks for the

It's good sign of success for steemit, the new is reaching many places.

Gained too much info from this post of yours.
Thanks #exyle for sharing

Lot of witness voted and indeed prie have to rise as its being backed by real people.

Ja ich habe es auch gemerkt. Müsste aber wieder gehen

This is really great to hear !
I know that we're still yet to see the full and great potential that steemit can bring to the world... So, let's steem on...
and guess what... Steemit is fun.

I really enjoy your vloggings ...

It looks as though Steem being down a bit gives us another buying opportunity. Thanks for sharing great information consistently.

Can Someone Teach Me How To Get More Followers? I'm New Here And Don't Know Anything. I Need Your Help :(

Very good share

Wow, that's crazy