Splinterlands Alpha Edition - First Cards Nearly Sold Out

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I have moved all my content away from the now centralized and controlled Steem blockchain to the decentralized Hive blockchain.


WoW thanks for the tip flauwy I went and picked up the Cheap Crustacean Kings, and a few other cheap alpha's, thanks to your tip.

I truly appreciate the content you have been putting out. Your Next Colony video really helped me out and now this. I owe you my friend. Reach out to me on discord if you would like...

I sent you a Beta pack to say thank you. Check your steem engine wallet you will need to transfer to steemmonsters to open it up.

Thank you so much, that means a lot to me! I would have bought the cards myself, if I would have the funds but I just recently increased my secondary deck of Alphas. I am glad you picked them up. Check out the rental market and put them there for a competitive rate. Passive income for the win.

I have gotten a nice rare gold foil out of that Beta pack that you gave me. Thanks again!


Greetings, @flauwy

Now i know that you are a gold card hehehe. Very nice explanation that you made for investors. I think alpha cards and alpha cards token on steem engine will be rare in a few weeks or months. But, it will happen with beta cards and beta booster packs, but, it will happen in more time, like 1 year.....

Thank you for your grand contribuition for this game and have a nice sunday!!!!

#spt #palnet #steemleo

I think alphas will only go up long term, which is not good for me as I wanna buy them

Wow! Glad I started on Steem Monsters early and actually have some maxed out Alphas , haha I noticed they are getting more valuable, I better hold onto them my friend! Thanks for sharing @flauwy , upped and resteemed! #battle #steemit #palnet 👍👹😎

Right, getting into the Alpha was the best financial move I ever made so far.^^



Glad I Invested early in Steem Monsters and the Alpha addition cards when they were cheaper to buy! 😎👍👹

The introduction of the DEC model has been the real key driver of price increases and demand!

I am holding over 1k Alpha cards, and I can't wait until all the packs are fully opened so the cards would sky rocket :D

Damn! I had no idea.....

I use this card a lot, but not sure I want to pay to max it out, which would cost me somewhere in the region of $250 right now!

Woot? I was considering to buy them at under $5 but I was lacking the funds and I missed the chance. Have you had them for a long time? The price seems actually undervalued right now, compared to the regular foil version.

Yeah I've had them since before the originally Alpha's sold out - can't remember how much I was paying for them but it was certainly less than the current price!

I see the Alpha packs on sail at steem-engine shot up in price again overnight. Looking good for SM!

Hi, @flauwy!

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