3 Tips To Make Steem Today: Utopian, DTube and Busy

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I have moved all my content away from the now centralized and controlled Steem blockchain to the decentralized Hive blockchain.


This worked really well for you!! It works because you are HILARIOUS!! 😂 thank you for shouting us out. Stay awesome 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

Nice to hear that from the pro. How long are you doing videos now? You clearly didn't start just now on Steemit.

Oh stop I'm no pro lol
I've only started vlogging since I joined Steemit 3 weeks ago. However, I have always been into video editing and making fitness videos. I have also learned a thing to two from @spenceryan.

Ok, that's good news for everyone here because it means you can quickly catach nice skill for video editing and make something better than just an uncutted home video.

I will certainly watch closely to get more inspiration from the two of you! ;)

It's not easy, and it takes us a long time to record, and edit. Honestly, editing can get frustrating and a lot of patience is required because this stuff can really test it. Oh, the many times me and Spencer have wanted to fling our computers and smash our cameras lol. Sometimes a video you envisioned to come out a certain way doesn't turn out the way you wanted it to and it could be very discouraging. But it is absolutely possible and I encourage anyone with the drive and patience to do so 100%!

I agree. I have had dozens of failed takes with my Steemy puppet (the other kind of videos I do). But it is rewarding and if you can produce regularly you will find a great audience here and make some fantastic money. Much easier and faster than on Youtube.

you are so beautiful ;)

@dtube very hilarious guy

You had me cracking up with this 😂😂 This was so entertaining to watch.

Thanks for the shoutout brother! And awesome DTube intro!!! Looking forward to seeing some more of your funny videos 😂👌🏼👍🏼

It was you who inspired me first. Are the two of you cutting and filming together or seperately?

The DTube intro is open source and you can use it too. Check out the DTube repository on Utopian.io. You will find this and some others - all to use for free!

Thanks for that man! I loved your implementation and you're freaking hilarious. So we film separately and then usually edit together. I do my thing, and then help @paolajane if she needs it but she's pretty good at it herself.

Thanks man, I'll definitely check that out!

I guess I have to make more of this now. LOL

Hi Spencer,
I would like to say my mind as i've already witnessed how you are turning people's lives around for good. I want you to be my mentor, i am a new comer on steemit.

Best Regards,

Ahah excellent video @flauwy ! You sound like Floki from Vikings(And look like a bit like him too!)
Nice tips for a new user like me!
I have resteem your post, you diserved it :) (Even if I don't have any SP ... it's something!)

By the way: my name is actually Flo!

Ha! Like me! (Florian)

Haha, I like that comparison!

(10 years old pic but still good)

haha wonderfull picture!:P And a great video @Flauwy !
Upvoted and resteemed!

Nice and cool article inspiring one from a great article writer,,keep it up you can also comment and upvote my vote @horlly your votes are counted happy new year

haha, great video! short, to the point, and icing on the cake, it made me laugh!

Two questions though (I have been on Steemit for two months and haven't explored yet the other platforms):

Utopian.io: open source contribution, valid even for non tekies (like me)?

Busy + Utopian: post on each of them, but... it's on the same Blockchain, so I suppose you are talking about two totally different posts, right?

I believe, yes, he means two different posts. Busy you have to post from busy.org and add the @busy tag, so I would assume you would do these for posts which are not contributing to the open source community, like a blog about photography for example. For open source contributions, you would post to Utopian separately I believe.

As for using Utopian as a non-techy, you still could most likely. I was looking into it thanks to this post, and it seems you would be able to post suggestions (have any suggestions/constructive criticism about Steem/Dtube/Busy/Utopian/etc that you want to bring it? You can post it there if it meets their guidelines) or tutorials (for example, you could do a Dtube physics tutorial series and post to Utopian under their Tutorial section I believe)

Hi Carson, thanks for the extensive reply. I do see in utopian.io how I could help the community... Since I am on Steemit, I am multiplying initiatives... The year is starting and I will soon be back to take care of my students... I might need to prioritize... ;-)

Good to know

I've made more on Dtube from handful of videos I posted than I have ever from Youtube! I'm definitely posting in Dtube more!!

Haha, that's crazy right? I never made a cent on YouTube but have videos with over 100k views. I rather have a few watching them and earn Steem with them. So much cooler!

Yup! and its still a small community compared to Youtube that we can still make something of ourselves. :)

man!! You have a nice humor!! thank you @flauwy , you really made my day. please keep on to giving advise via dTube i ll be right back your post!

Thank you! It is always hard to try to be funny. Glad it worked.;)

WOW! Thank You for this post! I'll be making sure to use these tips and try and grow my Steem! Thank You Again!!

Welcome to Steemit. You can make a living with this if you follow my advise. ;)

Nice intro, good cutting, good knowledge shared and nice background Flo.

You stepped up your game yet again.

Thx, all for the daily hustle. Von nix kommt nix! ;)

I thought I could lay back after this post today but I didn't and created another tutorial post for Utopian. Woot woot.

Absoluetly worth it! I created a quick post on a headache yesterday and got a dtube upvote for it.

The grind knows no holidays!

Only one more post before I go to bed, only one more...

If I ever produce a movie, I will take your as a villain and myself as a hero.

Very good video about earning Steem.

I will make an excellent villain.


Great video as always dude! I havent try utopian yet. it seems like it is a very nice option for making few sbd. Thanks for sharing!

Yes, check it out. 12 categories to make money from. I love that page!

Thanks for sharing such meaningful article more of that from more interesting..
.@originalwork @acuratework


Fast cuts works for you man!

I'll have to go check out the guys you recommend...

Yeah, I had much more fun doing this than I had in a long time.

Great video- Ive got to use some of the outlets you recommend. I am just a happy gal in need of some MORE STEEM! Im taking notes!

There is Steem everywhere. Just go nuts and produce like crazy!

thanks for the tips... the positivity really is motivational.

Sehr nice, fange auch an diese Möglichkeiten immer mehr zu nutzen.
Bei Utopia mittlerweile ein paar Vorschläge gepostet und busy.org nutze ich als normaler contributions Plattform.
Müssen nur noch die Leute mit SP anfangen mir zu folgen :D

Du hast ein super Profil, da geht sicher schnell was. Du machst mehr als ich in der kurzen Zeit. Weiter so!

hi there....I am an idiot from Portugal trying to do some stand-up comedy on Dtube.....I didn't take my meds today but I saw you had a ninja voting for you....you are a luck guy...all the best .....I like boobs

Keep it coming. There is room for all kinds of shananigans here on DTube!

Love this video and the easy tips shared, love the edit and ur character too haha Keep it up looking forward for more videos from the Viking @flauwy :P Happy New Year

Kind of fitting: I read the vikings Edda, I am a German and my name is Flo. ;)

@flauwy hahaha it is fitting indeed! i have few swedish friends and i always loved asterix and obelix cartoons growing up as a kid, always wanted to get my hands on some of that viking juice :P

That said im Lebanese from Beirut u can call me skillz im living and based in South East Asia Malaysia, nice meeting u mah man Flo! Keep up the great works, Kudos!

Asterix and Obelix are fantastic and I read all the comics. However, they are Gauls from France. They actually fight the Vikings in one episode. :)

thats so true as a kid i dint understand all that stuff i used to think they are cool super vikings and drink dope juice lol

I will follow your advise @flauwy ! As always you're my mentor here on Steemit, thank you very much! ♥

Like always: I was my pleisure!

I don't like a lot of cuts on videos, makes me think that they can't speak fluent. In this case I really like it, I have two reasons:

  • I saw all your English videos and know that you can speak fluent. (Maybe since you trained your memory) That's true?
  • You use them with humor, that's really works

So, take care @Flauwy. And if I can't be online tomorrow... Happy new year from México

Feliz año nuevo de Costa Rica!

I learnt English mostly from TV series I was watching online. The memory training would have helped with that but I never used it for learning English to be honest.

I am glad my humor worked. ;)

Das muß das Video sein, von dem Du heute Nacht erzählt hast - köstlich ! Einfach köstlich!!!

Ja das ist es. Hat sich gelohnt. ;)

@flauwy - I think you need some amount of presentation skills to prepare and video - with blogs since you dont have to show your face, that awkwardness of facing a camera never comes in .. DTube isn't for everybody I guess.

Thanks for the post and wish you a very prosperous 2018!

That is very true. I learned Adobe Character Animator just for not showing my face and use a puppet instead. Check out my Steemy videos on my profile. However, Steemit and DTube eventually changed my opinion and I started showing my true self. Now I love it.

Check out Utopian then, this is perfect for bloggers. Write tutorials like my latest article.

Thanks will do !

Thanks for the info! i'm new to steemit and never heard of the other platforms. Will check them out.

Please do, they are all fantastic!

Very inspiring! Need to listen to your video once more! Is it really so easy? 😀 Intend to create my DTube video channel in addition to my storytelling and culture blog. Good to have charismatic pioneers like you!

Well, Utopian are more or less guaranteed upvotes. Just follow the rules. On DTube you have to catch the attention of the DTube moderators who are manually upvoinge videos. You need a bit of luck here but not too much. And posting via Busy with the busy tag is also one guaranteed upvote from them but much smaller, particularly if you have a new account. But still worth it.

Thank you for your quick reply! Need a bit sleep now. Will get acquainted with your recommendations and study your memory technique tutorial site! And then... let‘s go! :)

Great video man! I gotta use these tips. I've been pretty much focusing on Steemit, but I gotta spread my wings to these other sites too. Thanks!

Yes, Steemit is just one of many ways to use Steem. There is sooooooo much more to it.

Thanks for the tips. I tried as you said, posting in Busy, busy being the first tag and received 28¢ for blogging about my memory demonstrations over the holidays.
I'm not sure about the other tip of posting in Utopian.io. I looked it up and they seem to welcome only programmers. Anyway, I'm going out, to record a dtube video now. Thanks again, cheers!

You didn't look well enough on Utopian. Only the minority of topics work for developers. The majority are topics that work for linguists, designers and some work for everybody!

Short and clear 👏👍 you are a magician

That I am!

This is my first time hearing about utopian and busy. O_o It really looks like I'm new to all of this :D But it's great that people like you exist and try helping others out. This is the bomb brother!

Since I'm a beginner on dtube and steemit, I actually made a video talking about the dip. Would you agree to this? Do you have any suggestions or feedback to it. I would love to get an advice from an expert like you :)

Looking forward to connecting with you further!

Winny out...for now ;)

Cool, I have a look at your video. Right now the media cannot be loaded but I keep the window open and try later. DTube still has some issues particularly with new videos.

Yeah, dtube is still new so it needs some time to be fully operational. Thank you for taking your time to watch my video though, I really appreciate it!

hi,thank you make this video, but still I have a question, is there any limit of the content I post? I cna whatever I want as normal, and just write the tag utopian-io, busy, also dtube when posting videos. Is that right?

That is completely wrong. The tags don’t do anything. You must post directly from the other websites.

sorry, now I understand, I was confused before. :)

How to mine Steem????

This is the question which keeps hitting my head. I am unable to find the answer because all the resources are kinda old. I will be happy if you will help me. Thanks in advance:) @flauwy

You cannot mine Steem at all!

(But soon you can mine new accounts!)

There is no proof-of-work as with Bitcoin and many other coins. All transactions are near instant and don't need any special computational power. They also have zero transaction fees because nobody needs to be rewarded for any mathematical problems to be solved. Hence, the only way to create Steem is by receiving an upvote on a post or comment or by receiving curation rewards or beneficiary rewards from other people's post (which is currently not feature on Steemit but does exist on Steem).

All other ways to receive Steem are somehow related to your Steem Power via delegations or vote selling or stuff like that. Check out my investor guide linked above for more info about what you can do with Steem power to earn Steem.

Thank you sir @flauwy for answering my question

Sorry before that, i dont understand what is meaning from Utopian, DTube and Busy. For what it?? I am still beginner on steemit. Please help me to be success like you. Thank you

Utopian is for Open Source, DTube is for Videos and Busy is just like Steemit but with a different layout and experience.

Thank you so much, now i understood🙏

I had to research..newbie as well ;) They're just different platforms. Links are as follows:
you can log into each with your steemit id and password.
You will be prompted to use steemconnect and will be asked for steemit password. DON"T use the master password, use the activation key. You should not use the master unless really needed. Hope that helps.

Hey @faluwy, All three platforms have huge SP. Thanks for bringing this to us. By the way, your acting skills are very impressive. :)

Steem On!

Thanks, I had a lot of fun today!

Just joined yesterday and did not know the rule of voting power. Oops! I got so up-vote happy on so many great posts, i ran myself right down to 28%... Will definitely be following to learn the ropes a bit better!

Haha, that happens to everybody. Don't worry, it will regenerate 20% per day. Check out my Steemy videos with tons of tutorials for Steemit. Coin Puppet on Youtube.

Congratulations Flo, yet another fat upvote!

Excellent concise video. I didn't even know about Busy. Totally loving this format.

Excellent concise video. I didn't even know about Busy. Totally loving this format.

Shared to my Steemit Facebook & Twitter Group👍

Cool, thank you! :)

Didn't understand any of it but what the fuck..you get my vote

This is the clusterfuck

Well, check out the websites I mentioned. They are really great and all based on Steem.

It would appear the suggested locations might be of value but only if your posts fit within a narrow subset of the possible range of content. In the future you should probably mention in some detail the content requirements of these organizations so that the majority of people do not have to go on their own and learn to their frustration that they material does not fit the requirements.

  • Everybody can post on Utopian! There are twelve categories and some of them work for all.
  • DTube is very easy for everyone with a smart phone.
  • And Busy has absolutely zero hurdles whatsoever.

I have many videos about all of them. This video was not meant to go into details. :)

Having read carefully through all the categoriees on Utopian they are all focused in specific related areas none of which would fit my posts of those of many I know and thus would not pass muster with the review board. This is quite unfortunate as it would be a great opportunity otherwise.

DTube requires that you are making videos. A lot of the best content simply isn't videographic in nature and a smartphone without editing is unlikely to be of great quality so Dtube might want to pass you over for that as well.

I'll agree there are no hurdles to Busy but as you yourself did point out in the video it is a game that pays those who are already popular and successful for their content far ahead of those trying to get started.

Please do not misunderstand. I very much appreciate the effort you have made to put this material out there and make it known to a larger number of people. There are many who probably will benefit from this and your interest in helping people get started is laudable. It is simply frustrating to learn after digging that these are more limited than one would have hoped and additional details and information on the topics are hand are always appreciated.

As you mention other videos you have made on the topic those will likely be worth a look as well. Perhaps if that is where the details are they will be of interest.

Which category works for all? The only one I would dare trying is the copyright category. That's because I think I can create a song and give it to open source. I'm not sure it will work but I'll give it a try. My 19 second video didn't upload even after several attempts. "Chrome has stopped working" is the excuse.
There is a nice pay out of 28¢ for me on Busy due to my 180 followers but I found that there is what looks like a limit of one rewarded post per day. We'll, that's not bad for sure.

The Blog category is the first that works for all. Suggestions and Bug Hunting are great for everybody. Visibility, Tutorials and Video Tutorials as well.

Only Sub-Project, Development, Graphics, Translation, Documentation and Copyright require very specific skills and/or should be discussed with the project owner.

I didn't see any blog category. Bug hunting is about finding bugs in an open source project. Suggestions are for open source projects. What's an open source project? Where do you find that? I guess if I have to ask these questions and make these remarks, I can stay on the sidelines, lol.

Utopian is 100% about open source software. Anki for example is open source. Blog posts are below „new contribution“ in the sidebar.

Thanks, I found it, made a post and after a short wait, I think it was approved by a mod. I look forward to seeing how much it will pay. With the rise of Steem, my 28¢ Busy posts are now 50+ ¢!
By the way, I made a funny memory post you might like: https://steemit.com/busy/@simonluisi/how-a-mnemonic-uses-the-shower

The careful post I made on utopian in the blog category was rejected by a moderator the next day. Oh well, making a post a day on Busy is challenging enough and it's now worth 60¢ for me. That used to be the amount I would make in a month!! I'll stay focused on that. Thanks.

I love your video, and your energy, BUT I ran into problems with two of your three recommendations...

Utopia brought up this...
Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 04.32.42.png

And Busy brought up this...
Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 04.33.11.png

So it seems Utopia is set up badly, in such a way that Firefox detects the issue and stops me from accessing - something I've never seen before. And Busy = Steemit and only allows me to have one account.

Any thoughts as to my next steps?

You have the wrong URL for Utopian: https://utopian.io/

And https://busy.org/ is a different website to Steemit. You did something wrong there and stayed on Steemit. Follow my link.

I clicked your links, which worked OK. But then, when I click Sign Up on both, I get taken to the Steemit 'can only register one account' message.

There must be some crossover going on. I might try in a new, Private window (or use Tor).

Thanks for your fast reply, sir!

If you're already on steemit you won't need to sign up again / register again, just log in with your steemit name and password - unless of course you like to have several accounts, but it's all linked to steemit.

I can't seem to get the video to play on my phone 😟😟😢😢😢😢😢.
I am a newbee here, but hey av upvoted ya, though with no power(sbd) yet.

Thanks for the thought. Check out the websites I mention above!

Thanks a lot sir this help me a lot thank you. you provide greatest tip to us. @flauwy you shared with us this helpful information and i am thankful to you. Love you keeo posting this time of video

Hey, I am glad you liked it.

you look like floki fro vikings

Yeah, you are the third one here who brings that up. I guess I do look similar. :D

so we are all agree about that great haha

Sehr gut flauwy - wie immer!

Vielen Dank! :)

I have resteem your post, you diserved it :) (Even if I don't have any SP ... it's something!)

Every vote counts. :) Thank you!

As a very new member of the steem(it) community, I will definitely try these! Have you ever thought of making a video sharing "thing" like a vine using steem? I feel youtube stars and funny guys who do facebook videos would promote and hope on board asap. What do you think?

I am not sure what you mean by a video sharing "thing" like a vine using steem. Could you explain that further, please?

I was quite vague with that description my apologies, I meant a short-form video hosting service where users could share six(Or so)-second-long looping video clips.

Thank you for the great hints! I'll take this opportunity to dive into utopian and busy, it's amazing to see how all these aspects come together to form a really strong network!

There are many ways to explore the Steem blockchain. And this is just the beginning. 2018 will bring many great things to us.

great 4 u, and 4 me :) steem is all right

I agree, Steem is pretty alright!

@flauwy thanks for your infomations

thanks very useful info for tips also, very good idea and brilliant @flauwy


really nice tips for newcomers ,

Thanks for sharing! Awesome!

Thanks @flauwy! Your inspiration for me!

I am coming on DTube. Thank you for your content

This project is amazing! New rules, new contributions.

incredible writing in your post

I like it very much

greetings leaving my vote up here, I hope in my blog thank yougiphy.gif

This is some real shit to get started😊 i hope it helps someone who watched that

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Thanks for the video! :-)

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Funny fast cut guy. Need more fun vds like this.

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And that wasn't even the biggest upvote I got for this post! ;)

Thanks for the info! I am not really new , but I have not posted much so I need to really focus and learn this. I like your upbeat video!

Quite awesomeness this was i like the style

Thank you @flauwy I will follow your advice.

lots of way thanks for sharing :)

Contribution comment #1

WOW! Thank You for this post! I'll be making sure to use these tips and try and grow my Steem! I just finished my first week and appreciate all advice. Thanks!

What’s the significance of power up

So So hilarious. You really made by day @flauwy

This is good way for you :)) but not for us :)) we are new and we cant do it like you .. we must work hard i think

excellent video thanks for sharing that it was perfect :)
great information along with it :)
Wishing you a Happy New Year!

I really want to understand but still have trouble understading. any other help you can guide me too. thank you

I've watched it and I will follow your advice...Thank you sir @flauwy