Vlog #213: Swimming in the rain with girlfriend!

in #dtube8 months ago

In the moment it´s a really warm and nice summer here in Berlin and in the last days we have temperatures with over 35 degrees almost everyday. That´s why my girlfriend and me are swimming in lakes almost daily and yesterday was very special, so that I decided to record the next Vlogs, after a long time without recording new Vlogs...

Yesterday was another nice and warm day again here in Berlin and we were driving with our SUP Board (Stand Up Paddle Board) and a air mattress on the lake "Heiligensee" in Berlin Reinickendorf. Suddenly it began to rain and almost all people left the lake, so that my girlfriend and me were the only swimmers there.

It was a great refreshing and we had a lot of fun.

I wish you a great summer too and see you in my next Vlog!

Jonas - @future24

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