Full FOOD FOREST Garden Tour

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Even though we are halfway through October here, the Food Forest Garden is still alive and green. Creating a garden like this, where perennials are the foundation and function is the main goal means less physical work for the gardener. It’s not that we don’t want to work, we just want to work smarter rather then harder.

We aim to create a system that is sustainable, and takes care of itself. A sustainable garden is one that produces more energy then it takes to create and maintain it. Bill Mollison says that work is a product of a poor design, because in a well

designed system every function is taken care of by another part in the system.

Join me and Tuck as we take a scroll through the two Forest gardens and see what a no till perennial garden looks like.

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You have the best garden that I have seen on Dtube!

Thank you @fulltimegeek!! That means a lot to me brother. I love gardening, so to be able to share that with everyone on @dtube really is a fun experience 😁

this garden .....and how he's showing the @dtube community and steem blockchain...how to emulate it...is like "freedom money".....of the steem blockchain! words i borrowed from our fulltimegeek brother!!!!!! yeeeeehawwww!!!!!! thanks for backin' him up brother!!!!

hahaha, "freedom money" that grows on trees! lol ... thnx for checking out my vids :)

Crypto + Gardens + Steem community == Heaven on Earth ... soon!!!

yesssssss!!!!!!!! so honored you're checking out our vids to0 brother!!!!!!! we've been following you for a long time. so grateful the wizard came out from behind the curtain...to take the helm....as a witness. Top 20 here he comes!!!! crypto +gardens + steem community = heaven on earth!!!!!!!! so good!!!!!! mentioned you both in the video..i just uploaded to @dtube . wood chips are the hack....for all those who want to create gardens in their areas! thanks for all you both are doing.......LET"S GO! :)

Let's GO...!!!! :)

Let’s gooo ❤️😁

This ^^^ kills me!

Ohhhhhhhhhh 🐕❤️

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Thank you @c-squared 😁

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