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RE: Verge (XVG) Target $1.70....How? Here is my ANALYSIS!!

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Follow me on DTube and Steemit! I provide at least 10 updates a day.


I follow your post, but didn't know that you post 10 updates a day. Wow.

I need

And I read every one of them Haejin and try to buy a little of all of your recommendations! Thank you.

Do your own research.......

If I listened to that advice I would have missed Verge at 0.0067. That SOUNDS like good advice. My advice is learn what you are doing and why. I invest a multitude of ways for a multitude of reasons. Ol Haejin is great at charting, in a constantly bullish market. I bet 200$ on him then, something I would have missed not for him. I still did my little bit before pulling the trigger, but it was his advice that made it happen. His charting is very accurate and hopefully we can all make funds from his precision.

Longer term still 5.5?
Do you see after these 5 waves a significant correction..

Thanks for your Update @haejin... UPVOTE

i follow you like a lost puppy brother!! thanks for your help!

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