Verge (XVG) Target $1.70....How? Here is my ANALYSIS!!

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VERGE (XVG) is BREAKING OUT of a triangle consolidation phase and the first target will be $0.70 and then a run to $1.70 via Elliott Waves in fives!!

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If anybody is having trouble watching the video here is a youtube link.

Thanks for posting it here, just given up on trying to watch it on DTube.

Ditto. DTube videos won't buffer for me and the page eventually crashes.

Very same here, Youtube is far better.

For now! muahhahaha

Because it's peer2peer, the more people watch it the faster is it ;)

I wonder what browsers you guys use? Chrome seems to work just fine.

Great analysis and like you said at the end, "we must think for ourselves!"


So we can expect TRX to go up right when the xvg reaches 0.7 cents ?

if he ever reaches 0,7....the charts right now after the announcment makes me always has an downtrend..... i don t know if we even reach the 0,3 - 0,4 withing the next days.

Right! It’s incredibly difficult to stay calm and stifle emotions when all I ever see is XVG downtrending. The amount of FUD that’s been spread, the whales manipulating, the forces that be, etc make it difficult to see XVG ever going up. Praying @haejin is correct on this one but who knows at this point.

he was very wrong

it feels REALLY unlikely to me, one way to find out.. i doubt it will even reach 50c by the end of the month. Unlike coins like Ripple, there is no real marketing going on for Verge. Combine that with a lot of FUD..

agree....50c end of the month? no chance :/

love this!

Verge coin has the potential to be compared to bitcoin...that statement has many meanings and that's something to watch for 2018... It's a generation 3 Cryto currency!


that picture used to be for Bitcoin/Litecoin ;)

@haejin so out of curosity what does your new price path look like with verge bc im assuming its not wave 2 since its now equal to the impulse looks like a triangle still, and i am not certain how to read this....Please give me your insight to the new trend/path.....

Wow, I hope you are right!

Anyone else getting this message?
Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 10.50.25 PM.png

I am. not sure why tho.

Me too. Iphone, window, both doesn’t work.


Overloaded? Too many people watching? The servers aren't used to having more than a couple dozen people wanting to watch the same video

Yes. I'm seeing this on Firefox Windows 10.

I mentioned on a prior post that Firefox was throwing this error. No issues when I switched to Chrome though.

Wrong, same issue with Chrome / Windows 10

Wrong, no issues with Chrome/Windows 7 64... soo, yeah. Next time no need to be a dick to people trying to help, eh?

There is alot of FUD and FOMO around this coin, it is alright if you buy and HODL it long term. I would not trade on this coin

It's about time to see that up ward trend. Thank you for sharing your analysis, looking forward for more profits to come :)

Best regards,

Bought in for $500 @ $0.12 just before Christmas, torn between this and Monero at the time as the privacy coin side of my portfolio was light.

Gut call I think XVG will win out in the long run.

Will be interested to see how your analysis holds out.

This would be awesome if it takes off.

Finally, now it’s started!! Run away!! Gazua!!

Possible that this Chalice of Wealth could bring us $0.89 upon the completion of the 5th wave?

There is a possibility the Verge was not done with the correction. Here is a chart, zoomed way out that shows the possibility of an incomplete a,b,c,d,e triangle.

What do you think? Why do you think that Verge came back down in price today?

verge on 1.9.18 in arithmetic scale.jpg

My TA, makes verge look like there still some more wait time for it to correct as well.

@Haejin, can you look at this please?

Now can see it even in 15 min chart. I belive too that correction was not done yet.

Well, i made a loss with Ripple so converted it all to BTC and invested in a few new currencies. Read your report and invested into Verge too right now. Bought 50 units. Fingers crossed. If it does reach $1.7, i owe you a party :-D

why didnt you write this two hours ago! haha i sold at a small profit (the start of the latest boom). waiting for a re-entry point.

Follow me on DTube and Steemit! I provide at least 10 updates a day.

I follow your post, but didn't know that you post 10 updates a day. Wow.

I need

And I read every one of them Haejin and try to buy a little of all of your recommendations! Thank you.

Do your own research.......

If I listened to that advice I would have missed Verge at 0.0067. That SOUNDS like good advice. My advice is learn what you are doing and why. I invest a multitude of ways for a multitude of reasons. Ol Haejin is great at charting, in a constantly bullish market. I bet 200$ on him then, something I would have missed not for him. I still did my little bit before pulling the trigger, but it was his advice that made it happen. His charting is very accurate and hopefully we can all make funds from his precision.

Longer term still 5.5?
Do you see after these 5 waves a significant correction..

Thanks for your Update @haejin... UPVOTE

i follow you like a lost puppy brother!! thanks for your help!

He's been really consistent on verge for a long time. Even just a few days ago he was calling for $0.70. Hope it's not too late for you to buy it back :D

No matter what, all of those who have been hodling since before new year's eve will real the benefits of being strong hands..... The Verge Army is going to see an all time high soon.....

Really excited about this coin! Lets go!

I bet that Dtube will upvote this post! =)

What is Dtube, is it related to crypto. Also why is the format of this post different from other post by Haejin, is it a mobile post!

dtube is a (decentralised youtube like )version using steem block chain. you will find out more that steem is not just steemit like you see now. steem's core value lies in it's technology the steem block chain. it is gaining traction and value as we speak.

It's a video which was uploaded to Dtube.
Dtube is a video sharing platform on STEEM Blockchain, like Steemit
And you may also get upvote from Dtube with your quality content if you are lucky! =)

Lol he most likeley uploaded using his mobile :)

DTube is the decentralized and non-cencored version of YouTube. It works like Steemit where content creators benefit financially from upvotes.

@haejin Great to see you use DTube instead of YouTube, it is a project I really support!

to the moon :) ty haejin <3

If not for the negative words that were spread about xvg, we would have already been half way there by now. Don’t give up hope guys HODL!

Other than BTC, my biggest hodl is Verge. The wraith protocol is excellent. Maximum privacy, tiny costs and fast speed!

for everyone having troubles with dtube: I'm using the latest version of chrome and don't have any problems, give it a try!

Hey @haejin, do you think trillion dollar marketcap will be a thing someday? If so, do you think XVG will ever be on of those coins? Thanks

i know it isn't directed at me, but I would say so. Many people doubt a trillion dollar MC because they compare everything to publicly traded companies and bitcoin. Like "even apple isn't 1 trl" or "that's a tall order, it would have to quadruple bitcoin's MC and bitcoin is the biggest and oldest." What they fail to realize is that 1. this is a different asset class and transcends publicly traded corps. 2. bitcoin will probably rise in market cap over time and exceed 1 trillion, others will have room to move into that sphere as well. And let's not forget that bitcoin may one day be dethroned as the top dog.

Verge will definitely make it big because its price also correlate to BTC price and when BTC goes up in mid february it will gain 600% due to influx of new investors looking at BTC.

XVG is mooning! This is going to be amazing.

Can anyone tell me what is Elliott Waves ?

Good analysis as always but you don't seem to take news and special circumstance into account.
For example, you mention how on a day that BTC is going down Verge is going up. That's true but a large reason for that was panic selling after Korean exchanges were no longer being included in price averages on CMC and WCI.
Verge, NEO, and others were unaffected so it appeared they were stable during a bear market. Which probably led to overbuying and thus the triangle breakout in your analysis. I suppose we'll have to wait and see!

Verge should move to $5.00 or more

Verge finally released the wraith protocol update. Looks like it was just FUD going around. Doubled my position about 1hr before this post. I've been hodling since .005 cents. Moon Time.

good thing i never sold this :)

You should of sold at 0.30 and take profits. Letting it ride to the top and back down again is like gaining$100 then giving it back... You didn't even make anything... Find exit point and entry point. After watching haejin for so long, you should figure this out. There is always a entry and exit then entry again.

entry and exit points do share more, many here do not know how

Dickhead he said it’s going to $1.70 why sell at 0.30. Selling yourself pretty short there

ya don't have to buy every single dip...

I remember when you call this in the sun-penny days. Thank you very much for this call @haejin.
Upvoted and Resteemed!

I am unable to watch and really want to. I can see other DTube videos. Anybody help?

I posted a youtube link

@haejin always on point. I've been holding XVG since $0.01. Will HODL more. Thanks !!!

Thanks Master Haejin...Was waiting for this update...

Awesome sharing , targets always made to achieve and than the next one so that the goal can achieve within limted time

Thank you Haejin, this is very educational and profitable.
You're a good man!

Yeh bro, i love this coin

The past few days felt like the "hurry up and wait" syndrome! I've learned to be patient and let the waves unfold. This is going to be great. Thanks Haejin!


OMG $1.7?! This is nuts!

Do you need a separate account to watch on dtube . As I am getting an error. I tried on my PC and phone.

Spot on Haejin.. Correct interpretation of the waves!

I am not able to open the video ! Could you re upload.

I posted a youtube link

Have to thank you a million times over! I was with this coin since you first recommended it and held it ever since! You are amazing!

I hope you're right!!!
Anyone have any sight on XRP. Think theres another bull run coming or is it going to bear more and more ?

Verge to the moon. Awesome

Thank you for sharing! :)

I am I the only one having problem with the quality of this image, even after zoom in it is not clear or I am I missing something here.

it is a video, open in new tab...

doesnt work for me either

I posted a youtube link

Videos on dtube seem to be horrible quality. Every time I pause it the screen goes grey and never recovers. I have to refresh the entire page again. But amazing video none the less thank you haejin!

You are blessed Haejin

14 516 496 611 XVG* 1.70$ = 24B$ market cap = Top 5 ... ;) a bit insane in my pov.

thats implying that verge goes up and non of the top coins move..

Ripple is No 2 and it is a shit coin worth nothing.. There is no logic in this market.. Still hold ripple though :) Money is money!

It is a long-term prediction. When verge reaches 1.7 the others crypto will rise a lot too. verge has much less supply than other currencies, only need within the top 30

Is it going to fall back to 17 cents or less before going up? I want to get back in.

Can you post picture of your graf on steemit please,many people cannot see your video.

Thank you

God bless you

Yeah XVG has that much potential. But why that much because in your last post you mentioned that target for XVG $0.55

crap... why the new images are so small :(

thank you good luck!

I can't believe I bought a bunch of verge at 0.01 when you recommended it and then just before it blew I transferred it to CFI, sigh.

The full Wraith Release is Now available for Windows 64 bit.

올랐으면 좋겠어요...

Too good to be true ! I wish better days for verge.

thank you!!

Is it possible that XVG didn't just break out of the triangle and it is just starting wave E of an ABCDE triangle?

Agreed and it will cross $2 very soon because it has sound system behind it.

If that happens it would be very nice

It seems that the xvg/btc chart is still within the triangle while the xvg/usd chart seems like it has already exitted the triangle. Which chart should we refer to in this case?? Thank you always for sharing your great analysis.

Gosh, Im a plankton....and i wish i had a better grasp on the more intricate ways of the market as you.

Love more vids!

add xvg now to my list. thanks

@haejin blessings🙏🙏🙏

Good post

good thing i never sold this

Like your vids very much. Thx a lot.

I heard about Verge, that it should rise in the beginning of this year, but it didn't happen. I should reconsider investing into that. Thanks for the post.

Thanks again! By the way, STRAT seems to be moving up also.

The video is not loading. I don't think DTube can handle the traffic from all your followers :D

Thank you Haejin!

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I highly doubt this going to $.70 any time soon.

Great analyse, hope it will go to the moon soon !

Video not loading ):

Great analysis. I'll be back for future posts related to Verge, seeing as I've invested and didn't do in depth research. I've taken a few things into consideration since watching this.

Thank for your opinions - Keep it up ~!

Can't wait for this! So many people talking down on XVG but im all in! To the MOON!

really wish i could watch this

I like where this is going.

I have it. hope it rise...

in trust we haejin

Hi @Haejin Can you have a look at this chart for verge and see if it has turned into an ascending right triangle.

Do you see an alternative bear flag like BTC's with XVG right now?