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RE: D.Tube 0.4: Serious UI Lifting & IPFS Backup & New Domain & More

in #dtube4 years ago (edited)

IPFS is still the default loading method. Nothing changed. It's just torrent taking relay if IPFS isn't loading the video (most likely for new uploads).

Good job on finding this little trick, that's exactly how I do it for debugging purposes as well! You can do it with 'magnet' as well now too to insert a custom magnet link (but if you dont seed it with the webtorrent app, it wont work)


by webtorrent do you mean something like ? And by magnet insertion you mean something like this?

$('input[name="snaphash"]').val("insert magent or ipfs hash here");
$('input[name="videohash"]').val("insert magnet or ipfs hash here");

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