My first Dtube Vlog. Introducing myself to the steemit community.

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Hello Steemians. I was away for quite some time but now i'm back.

I've been working to much lately. With extended shifts and i wasn't able to do much about social media and steemit.
So i decided to make this vlog and reintroduce myself to the community because some of you might have forgotten me because of 5 months away from steemit.

It's my first time recording myself and i'm doing it for Dtube community and steemians all around the world.
Also for my followers.

As i said before about the link in description:

Here it is.
Learn more about Kosovo and Balkan.This guy explained a lot.
Check him out if you wish. I don't know him but he did a good job so i found it to be good article for anyone who wants to read more.


I'm happy that i've got some free time lately and i'll make more blogs and vlogs when i have free time next week.
Until then i wish you all best of luck.

Warm regards from me. Peace.

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Thank you for the invitation my friend i appreciate your help

welcome to DTube! It's a great place to be.


Thank you very much for your polite welcome @jeffjagoe. I already noticed that part and it's also a pleasure to be in this huge community.
I'm following you and already took a look on some of your content. You put a lot effort into gaming so i like it.
I'm also a gamer but i mostly play Dota2 and World of Warcraft and some other adventure games for fun when i have free time.
Anyway a pleasure to meet you. Looking forward for your next video.

Best regards. Good Luck & Take care.

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