Government is SLAVERY! - Change My Mind

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@highimpactflix, In my opinion Humanity is deceived long back ago and now we are running on the deceiving Script. But there are people and were people who understood the depth of the situation but their voice got paused due to domination.

In reality the meaning of life is not what we are living today, we are in a Rat Race which inspire us to hold material aspects but the truth is, material aspects are perishable and we are abusing our souls and the true reality for the perishable aspects.

Let's rise for the truth and let people know that we all belongs to one tribe and that is Humanity Tribe.

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You are right, Brian. History, nevertheless, has shown that people will surrender their sovereignty for false security. The big revelation for me was the support and validation of the Patriot Act and invasion of Iraq by our people; I realized that the government only pretends to recognize human rights and will use any excuse to exercise its will over its tax salves. Even more disappointing, most my fellow Californians believe in forcing people to pay extra gas taxes even though the government is inept at maintaining its roadways. Now, California is trying to pass a mileage tax for vehicles for road repairs and reduction of greenhouse emissions, and the majority of the people support it; even though, we just had a gas tax pass a few years ago! Here's the kicker, most of the new gas taxes are going to the general fund not to road repairs!

What's the solution? Constitutional convention? Or? Is there a path to change? I'm very interested to see what your point of view is

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