🔴 Linwood Mosque Comparison Video that Was Removed TWICE from YouTube (UNCENSORED) 🔴

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Hey man im sorry that this has happened to you @dtube account. Im sure dtube had to remove your videos because of server locations and to prevent their buisness from being shut down or sued.

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for anyone looking for the actual shooters selfie video it is here the 4th video on the page ;http://rtrtruthmedia.com/
Also some very disturbing info in the first video on this page. Also the narration of Brian's video by someone says at the end that it was a 'Mossad operation' so don't be fooled! Great job Brian!
And the time on the clock looks like either 2pm or 2;09pm.

Bezos owns the steemit servers ? That is something everyone should know !

Wow! A private file. Well sadly, no matter how you cut it, we're working on a literal platform of 666 from the days the arpanet was created.

If it is in cloud storage, they can tamper. If they have a way in, they Can tamper.

Just like Bezos actually owns the servers steemit is hosting on, unless that has changed.

Bezos doesn't like truth tellers, so I always figure it's just a matter of time.

what about this rt video with a sound track and a man talking about how he was covered in blood ..it was taken at the time of the shooting but aprently he went home to wash up https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=AouvYWgL2RU&fbclid=IwAR1FAX-NAdbnF6lELST6lPduPRsVssI2zr44uaG3K9me00W7vhQb_rKSwYs

Why does the foot of the guy in the blue jacket move at 2:35 when he is laying on the ground? This makes me believe that this video was shot during a training session as suggested.

Why does the foot of the guy in the blue jacket move at 2:35 when he is laying on the ground? This makes me believe that this video was shot during a training session as suggested.

Why does the foot of the guy in the blue jacket move at 2:35 when he is laying on the ground? This makes me believe that this video was shot during a training session as suggested.

I'm happy that I found Brian on here. So ready to leave fascist tube same as I left fakebook etc.

Following your channel from YouTube. Keep the truth in the brightest light for all to see.

If you people don't start flagging Berniesannders he will drive away good content producers like Brian.
Bernie - your communism will never be successful. You will forever be a boring shriveled up prick. Go take your boring self back to the USSR!

We all know Bernie Sanders is a cocksucker, please shit the fuck up now! @highimpactflix Why can’t I open the full live stream of this event on your page anymore?! It says downvoted by Dtube, is it removed from here now? I literally just signed up for this bullshit to upvote that fucking video! Goddamn liberal cunts, please correct me if I’m weong an I can still find the video I mean not libyards “politically correct” me j/s