The SINISTER SECRET of the #CancelMyDebt Scam

in #dtube2 years ago

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That’s not a sinister secret. There’s much more to this. Furthermore, predatory lending to brainwashed teeneagers should be illegal. Many are duped into paying massive fees for college because they’re led to believe it’s the only way to success. Furthermore, they’re promised higher pay and better futures than they actually end up with. It’s the first opportunity for the establishment to grab someone by the balls, straight out of high school. Fact of the matter is I could have taught myself everything or learned it online, if only someone helped me realize that before I made the choice to “be a good boy” by paying $80k for a fucking three-year education.

You’re entitled to your opinion, but your opinion is bullshit. The money loaned never existed in the first place and they’re reaping insane profits from the fixed interest rates. People should not be in their 30’s and still be upwards of $25k in student debt for school they attended 12 years ago which landed them a middle-class career. $350 a month payments and only $60 dollars of that goes to the balance? The rest is pure compounded interest. It’s a scam, just like the everything else in this slave-system. If they can erase the debt, that money will be immediately dumped into the economy via consumer purchases anyway, so at least it has a chance of helping someone else earn a few bucks rather than falling into the hands of bankers.

I highly doubt this program will come to fruition anyway.

All government should to be wiped out completely if we want to see a system that truly benefits humanity and society.