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pre sale will begin at the 26th of December and quit on the 23rd of January. Early traders gets the possibility to make investments at an one-of-a-kind cut price charge.
To cozy the one of a kind pre sale cut price, a minimal investment of $10k is required. individuals will obtain ERC20 tokens so as to be swapped to APPICS cash (XAP) with the release of the software.
we are excited first of all our pre sale and ICO quickly, and can not watch for APPICS to be launched!
The requirements most effective include the pre sale. The ICO will take location Q1 2018 and statistics will comply with soon.
Please view the attached XAP Distribution plan.

unnamed (1).png

Cooperation with Phenom
The APPICS group is satisfied to announce their partnership with PHENOM.
The Phenom team makes use of nation-of-the art technology and software program to assist support ICO's - and considered one of their maximum promising thoughts is the bounty application that lets in to routinely screen users’ contribution and provide task’s tokens in go back.
The cooperation with Phenom offers new advertising possibilities, and will help to unfold the word approximately APPICS and our ICO.

Bounty application
in addition to the pre sale, we are able to also be launching a bounty application.
With this program, anyone will get the opportunity to earn APPICS tokens in return for spreading the phrase about APPICS.
responsibilities for the bounty application will encompass increase hacking on social media, translation bounties, or without a doubt getting involved with the network.
in case you are inquisitive about becoming a bounty hunter, we are able to announce details the next days.

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