California Burning: From PG&E's Ashes Arise "Smart" MicroGrids (& Coming To You)

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Wildfires rage across California, including the Kincade fire, where PG&E has admitted a fault in energized transmission lines. Nightmarish fire conditions exist with stronger winds yet on the way, and a deeper agenda is at play as municipalities look to "MicroGrids" to save them -- this "smartgrid," "renewable" phoenix to rise from the literal ashes of PG&E is actually a mechanism of your enslavement. Christian breaks it down.

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Dtube nor IPFS are working for me. Please at least add video from other sources that do, such as Youtool, Bitchute, 3speak, etc...

Your continual and factual research and coverage of these issues is deeply appreciated by me. The perils of being dependent on centralized systems are nowhere more obvious than for such necessities as food, water, and power. Even relatively decentralized, yet still not personally controlled options such as community microgrids, gardens, and water supplies are revealed through your reportage as simply subsidiaries of global control.

There is a development protocol that is necessary to free people becoming apparent in which each personal home independently produces the necessary goods and services of the occupants, starting with security, and including food, water, and power. This protocol will be concealed by those seeking to increase their power over people, and those intent on prosperity must grasp how to provide it themselves, rather than relying on being dependent on centralized mechanisms that are corruptible by bad actors.

Passive mechanisms are inherently robust, and should be as large a part of residential development as possible, in order to reduce dependencies and the potential failures such dependencies effect. I have some ideas regarding such developments, but specifics of food production is not a special competency of mine. The inclusion of aquaponics in residential contruction is an essential part of robust development for security, and any thoughts you might have on basic foodstuff production methods using the least expensive, but nominally competent, materials and construction means would be appreciated. If you have personal thoughts, or are aware of folks with specific expertise on this topic, please provide information as you are willing to share at your earliest convenience.

Clearly, time is of the essence for free people to establish robust communities competent to maintain their sovereignty and prosperity in the face of global action by bad actors to reduce them to abject servitude.


So finding an answer to supply short term electricity when power has to go down in inclement weather is now some huge conspiracy theory? Really dude. Sometimes I think you are two cents short of making the next mad max movie.

Not even sure what you're trying to say. I propose using modern tech to enable homeowners to be self sufficient. You can call that a conspiracy if you want to, but I don't see anything wrong with it. We know how to make homes immune to fire. We know how to make homes that produce enough electricity to meet the occupants needs. We know how to make aquaponics systems that can provie nominal nutrition. We know how to collect and store water. None of these things hurts anyone, so I don't know why you equate know how with deranged psychopaths in a post apocalyptic world.

If anything, PG&E burning down rural California to drive people into smart cities where they can be completely controlled by surveillance, made dependent on food doused with toxic chemicals, and forced to work for wages to survive strikes me as psychopathic. I'm sure not doing that.

Pick on them as are.

If anything, PG&E burning down rural California to drive people into smart >cities where they can be completely controlled by surveillance, made >dependent on food doused with toxic chemicals, and forced to work for wages >to survive strikes me as psychopathic

Purely speculative on your part. Something on that magnitude to be successful would require an oath of silence from everyone involved.....I just don't see it, those people have family, friends and know of others in the effected area's, that's pretty diabolical thinking on quite a few people's part to keep such an endeavor hidden forever.

Have you ever heard of the Finders? Unless you want to see things you don't want to, don't look into it.

"...I just don't see it..."

Belief informs perception. I am also sure you would be flabbergasted by what you don't see.

I hope you find your gast completely flabbered someday, in a good way.

Have you ever heard of a sue happy society? A conspiracy as such in the making would be hard to keep silent for years among the many people it would be dependent upon keeping it silent. (I am talking about the man talking of the utility conspiring to burn down California so it can install micro grids). Investigations would be launch and people questioned. Plus the utility is already being sued to the max now as it is, by the time this is done California will be lucky to have anybody wanting to own a utility company in that state as I am sure millions more are going to be filing lawsuits against them....they may find themselves completely in the dark.

Money is not wealth. Today it is literally conjured out of thin air. Litigation is pecuniary, and utterly incapable of deterring a cabal of conjurers from undertaking evil schemes.

Are you aware that various multinational banks have been short selling precious metals in order to manipulate their markets for decades? JP Morgan and others have repeatedly been prosecuted, corrupt traders have gone to jail, millions of dollars of fines paid, and there is no profit motive. Entities that can conjure cash from nothing don't have a profit motive, at least in monetary terms. This conceals their actual motives. Money is a veil behind which real wealth is hidden. Tens of thousands of conspirators participate in this market, and professionals are not so naive as to fail to grasp what is ongoing.

The only reason you disbelieve many conspiracies is because you have never participated in one, and do not grasp how they benefit their participants, nor how that motivates them to undertake deceit. Some people have no conscience at all. I have met and worked with some of them, and they aren't like you and me. If they see an advantage for them, they will commit any act without reservation in order to seize that advantage.

They don't have any problem keeping secrets. They don't have any problems making money. They don't care if the whole of California burns to charcoal, as long as they get what they want.

As to microgrids, let's just skip the middleman altogether and individually produce the power we need. Then PG&E can do whatever it wants without affecting us. This is what I advocate, and I do not advocate doing it because I want to stop forest fires (although I'm agin' 'em). I advocate it because it is best for the individuals, the best for communities, the best for the environment, and prevents psychopaths from having power, which I also want.

The fires and conspiracy theories do not drive my advocacy of decentralization. They motivate folks seeking reasonable solutions to the difficulties they face to do the one thing they can to gain control and preserve their quality of life: produce their own power. People that find themselves in the dark because PG&E cuts off power to the public have only themselves to blame, because they aren't making their own power.

No conspiracy theories necessary. Americans - and people everywhere - are becoming able to handle their business and produce for themselves the necessary luxury goods and bespoke services, as well as commodities and consumables, that enable them to enjoy wealth beyond the dreams of kings only a few decades ago.

This is the simple and bare fact, and I strongly support folks doing that. Them as don't, no matter why they don't, will suffer the consequences of conspiracies and incompetence of central planners, and have only themselves to hold responsible for their suffering.

Do what you want with that information.

Incredible reporting. How very kind of these controllers to decide for the people what must be done - for the greater good, of course. Sounds like Marxist-Bolshevik economic terrorism. We all know what happens when means of production is manipulated.

No doubt it would be much cheaper to subsidize individual residential back-up sources. But money is no object when unaccountable planners can just add it to the taxes. Has anyone done the math on this yet, @iceagefarmer?

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