EMERGENCY! Crypto youtubers booted off youtube. CALL TO ACTION BY ALL STEEMIANS.

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There is a meltdown amongst the crypto youtubers right now!

They have been massed blocked for 7 days. This due to certain unclear youtube policy violations. They are freaking out about what to do.

Lets bring them to Steem via Dtube or 3Speak. Doesn't matter which one, but we need them to migrate to Steem.

This is our chance. I have been replying to their tweets, but we need all Steemians to act in the same way.

Here is a list of the crypto youtubers who have been censored in the last 24hours:
















Find them on twitter and get the message out: Steem is your new home and is waiting. Offer them free accounts and get their attention.

This could be an amazing Christmas gift for Steem,


▶️ DTube
▶️ YouTube

That's a brilliant idea migrating people to steem through #youtubeisover campaign. Let's join @theycallmedan introduce more people to steem while using 3speak make their new videos without been censored. I give this initiative a title: @theycallmedan steem migration campaign

Yes it is, but we need to be persistent and coordinated. The more we onboard into the Steem ecosystem, the more of their subscribers will too.

the irony of posting your content from Youtube, preaching decentralisation. Cmon!

Well said and you are right. Though I didnt think I would classify myself as preaching, but more strongly advising. Youtube uploading and storage capacity far outweighs dtube as of now. My videos are hidden to the general public on youtube, but I have complete ownership of my subscribers on Steem. I would love to see the crypto youtubers diversify where they share their content.

Great idea. If anyone needs a free account or an upvote for a new account, LMk.

More of a complimentary action to what your are driving forward. Just seizing the opportunity. Will let you know if they get back to me.

The smart ones don't need help. They'll find us.
If they can't then we don't need them. And I won't support anyone who don't buy 5k steem.

You are right.....💯

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From the followup info I am seeing from them, they are aware of Steem and it's Dapps. Though their biggest concern is losing their ad revenue sharing model. It seems to be their biggest motivation to post on youtube. Now they are realizing that their subscribers, aren't theirs at all.

That´s crazy. @theycallmedan is running a great initiative on this thing.

@tipu curate

oh it is nuts, but this will just get worse. I think dan will be getting wind of this story shortly. He has clout on Steem to get this moving.

Thanks for a great video @intrepidsurfer, and thank you very much for sharing this valuable information, it seems the establishment is waking up to the reality that crypto can actually make a difference, let's get them on Steem where they will not be silenced, keep up your great work, it's awesome.

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Thank you :) Our community is strong and united.

Thanks @intrepidsurfer, keep up your awesome work and keep enjoying your Christmas.

Nice job at trying to get everyone involved.

Thank you, got to try and leverage my position to get the word out to as many people as possible.

with communities they could really take off if done right imho

Yes I agree for communities, but on-boarding newbies is still an issue with Steemit. People want instant sign ups.

Yeah there are some Catch 22's......people want privacy and not KYC which would speed up some of the instant stuff and the learning curve is very steep for many. I'd given up on most of this due to the human components because to onboard 'masses' they can't be welcomed by organized crews of infighting. then again nobody wants any rules or ethics standards of conduct and think we all will just govern ourselves so, it is what it is
Communities because of the well designed mute features and speed vs. tribes which is slow as shit on a lot of stuff at times imho..... may be the ticket
time will tell

Yes we need to contact with them. Steemit is best .

Yes we must. Please spread the word to all your Steem friends

I will try to write to two people

thank you, we will be successful if we all do our part

Thanks for this information.

Not sure they will show up here other then collect some inflation.
Steem will become more appealing to them once communities launch and they can launch their own SMT and put in their own ads.

Interesting point about the ads. But they are used to youtube doing all the work. Might be a good business to match advertisers and Steemians.

Agreed. Doing our bit and invite others to do same.

Wouldn't mind seeing @ToneVays eat a little crow and come on over to the Steemit platform which he has called a scam.

lulz, same

currently I use Dtube and not YouTube anymore.

Good plan and hopefully more will do the same.

My friend YouTube channel adsans blocked.crypto channel

Have you told him about Steem and it's Dapps?

Yes thanks

yeah! That’s the way to do it. Resteemed

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Also get your friends involved if you can.

thanks for keeping us informed, fucking P0d rite now at youtube
they can suck my youporn cock fuck them

Keep it clean please.

The writing has been on the wall for this purge for years. Now that the larger youtubers of the crypto space are being affected what will sway them to a dying platform like DTube with a faltering STEEM token?
I would assume, nothing.

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Yes I agree with you to some extent with the latter part of your statement. But the logic is that these youtubers have large followings. Imagine just 5% of their followers come to Steem. The wonders it would do for us. The higher the value of Steem is in $$, the more people return to post and newbies are on-boarded.

This platform has been "hoping" for mass adoption for years. And dont you think that these large youtubers would have migrated to dtube a long time ago if they saw value in it?
The Steemit platform is just too damn confusing to understand. These days people want near instant gratification for their attention.

Agreed in regards to Steemit, but lucky for us Steem is far more than just a blog/vlog site. It is why I am still here.

You didn't mention @boxmining . I believe he is on Steem but not sure about drive or 3Speak.

is he in trouble too? I didn't realize.

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