Litecoin Flappening. Litepay Price Boost. Litecoin Cash is Junk

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Don't forget to follow. The Flappening is a term that has been coined to mark the future event of Litecoin overtaking Bitcoin Cash in market capitalization.
You can track it at

Litepay will be a great avenue to get the velocity of Litecoin up. Merchants do not want to take on the risk of volatile LTC prices. They want to focus on selling. This will drastically increase the adoption of Litecoin by increasing liquidity and future userbase.

Litecoin never needed to be forked. Forking can be a method of governed development or a method of riding coat tails and shady marketing tactics. Litecoin Cash is a flop and users should stay the course with Charlie.


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Very good information about litecoin. Your excellent informative video is very helpful as a cryptouser.

Sub'd, commented on YouTube. Also followed, upvoted and resteemed. Thanks for posts

Thank you for all the efforts that I always follow you ❤️ @investing

well its really intresting to listen flappening ltc>bch and also to see the table on flappening watch
bch market cap and price is over than ltc but active address and transactions are still below from ltc
no doubt ltc is a good crypto but after litpay launch this didnot grow up which we expected from litcoin with this litpay project
but i have big hope to see a biggest growth in ltc in next days which we expect when litpay will launch and working properly @connorkenny

fantastic to hear and see the flappening litcoin and bitcoincash and it will be more good if this will true that char lee expressed a belief that the coin will be worth more than bitcoin cash end of his year) this time it look not possible but maybe with the use of litpay many investores attention will make it possible

I like the information, I have litecoin, I'll be waiting for more information, thanks.

yeah lipay is a great and easy payment system that promises easy conversion from litcoin to fiat currencies
but this flappening wit bch is new thing for me and thanx for sharing this new updates about flappening and also charlee thought with us investing sir

I agree. But I believe LTC has a future. I am holding on for now.

Maybe investing some litepay.

When was the fork you Said?

Thanks a lot for the info.

Going to buy some today.

Keep up and i appreciate your sharing your knowledge

Now litecoin is falling because they don't follow the roadmap about cards but when the project of litepay run correctly we will see a super boost in LTC. Regards

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I believe so, we will see! good video

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Thank for info , I take a resteem . I also have a little amount of LTC.

litepay if get implemented well this could really boost not only litecoin but also every crypto

ltc cash is a joke even i think now but people are still going mad to get it don't know why but thanks for keeping us updated bro

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Interesting information about litecoin, i believe so

just watched the Flappening litecoin is way ahead damn this is really interesting but thanks for sharing about more in the video there

they don't need to fork everything is going perfect with them don' t know who came up with the idea of ltc cash

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its good that we have your analysis this time around great information you have shared

i am holding my ltc and doing nothing its better to be safe from scam

So the LTC will outvalue the BCH, I've never thought about it before.

I like the information, I have litecoin, I'll be waiting for more information, thanks.


its very informative and important.
plese go ahead...
thanks a lot for sharing.

Thanks for the Steem man , Have a good day

In my eyes, I don't want to invest unless I can see myself using that cryptocurrency/blockchain. So, Steem for example is high up on my investing list, and after comparing a few of the currencies, I've had the best experience with Litecoin. Litepay is particularly exciting and because of that, I'm gonna have to agree with the idea that Litecoin will pass Bitcoin Cash

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