Do you have fun at work?

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Are you having fun at work? If not, today is the National Fun At Work Day! Make some jokes, turn up the volume a bit louder, smash some Ping-Pong balls or simply focus on the good thing of your daily work routine. We spent so much time working and because of that we should take fun at work "seriousely" ;D
Here at NIKIN we found some Ping-Pong rackets and a ball laying around. We have set up an improvised Table and the party started.

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Never heard of this holiday until now. Brilliant idea.

to be honest i also heared about it for the first time! but i really enjoyed it

Fun at work is not the same as liking to work.
I always liked each job I had but I was not playing the clown, fooling around or laughing out loud 24/24. Are you?

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