Gift trees instead of roses on Valentine's Day!

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I have produced this commercial for NIKIN, i hope you like it and i am looking foreward to your feedback!

Hey it is Valentine's Day 2020 and you probably should gift trees instead of roses. Because roses are so 2019!

Check out our website, follow us on Instagram and read our blog articles to stay up to date about what we are doing at NIKIN:

Sven Hanselmann (
Tanja Boutellier (
Michel Ayo (
Michael Kyburz (

Produced by: Ivan Schnoz (

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That's cool. Though, how come the girl didn't get so surprised when she got that instead of roses :D

thank you i am glad you like it :D
it is already tradition to send trees instead of roseses here in switzerland :P

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I like the initiative!

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