The Plankton Token - CHECK IT OUT!

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The Plankton Token

Hey we've all been there right? A lonely plankton and a giant sea that is Steemit. We had no friends here yet, we had no steem power, and growth was slow. But it doesn't need to be this way!

Introducing The Plankton Token (PLKN)!

This is a relatively new Steem Engine Token created by @mermaidvampire and her colleagues.

The goal of the token is to help newbies in Steemit grow and become active contributors to the blockchain.

The mindset behind this token, is that through a community of people helping people, they can all grow together and have abundance in what they need. @mermaidvampire Has been actively producing games that help new and old Steem members for a while now, and this token is the next step in helping to grow the ecosystem here.

I for one support this project 100%!

You can learn more about this exciting project at :
or purchase your own Plankton Tokens at :

Note :

This video was made by @jacuzzi as a means to help support the movement and growth of the Plankton Token Project. At the time of writing I currently hold 23 PLKN tokens.
All images were sourced from :

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This video simply rocks! Thank you so much for the support. I love how positive and creative you are and it shows in your posts. And... good job in making DTube videos, at some point in my life I quit trying DTube because it hates people with slow Internet. Hahaha!

Thanks Yo~
Feel free to use it if you wish in any promotions. I can send you the file if you want on Discord or dropbox, just let me know.

Yes, Dtube... its a bit of a pain... think its getting better tho. lol

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Oh yeah, I keep forgetting. LOL

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