Morning swim

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This is how we try to spend most of the sunrises during the summer in Montevideo.

Refreshing morning swim is a real boost of energy.

So greatful for living so close to a beach and sea.

What do you do to boost your energy in the morning?

P.S. This had long been 'only' my dream. I grew up in a country without sea access and then lived in a country which has a sea but the sea is cold and was far away from the place I lived in.
I'm a dreamer....and a taurus. And when I want something I go after it. Until I get it.
As I did with dreaming of living somewhere close to a nice seaside.

Dreams do come true..we just have to believe in them. And in ourselves...and work towards them.

Keep on dreaming...

Jana, the unstoppable dreamer

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Ráno mě probouzí kocouři svým neúnavným žebráním o krmení a nabíjí mě pak energií ze své srsti :-)

:D :D taky dost povzbuzující!! :D

Tomu se nedá odolat :-)