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Hi Steemit Community!

Today I share with you my #1 Secret for Success here on STEEMIT in 2018!

I also show you how I have been using this Secret Tip since July of 2017!

I sincerely thank you for all of your support and look forward to seeing you in the next video!

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Thanks for watching!

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Persistence! Thanks for the tip.

I half expected you to try and sell me some upvote service like some seedy used car salesman!
Salesman 1.jpg

Helpful tips, thanks!

So do you have to send nudes to become successful? I mean some women on here are crazy.

You will send nudes to become famous and successful just when you have nothing else to be proud of, such as a good working brain or any ability...

No. Maybe. What did you have in mind?

Persistency is the key to Success in every aspect of life. You nailed it mate. Sharing the initial struggle to making 000’s of $$$. Keep up the good work.

for me , not much of a help

absolutely right brother. thanks

Check out this post for more info related to bitcoin and stripe. upvote, resteem and comment your thoughts.

Great advice! I try to bring some value myself everyday here. Posting technical analyses on different coins that I see potential in. Steem and SBD being among the top of them :)

STEEM & SBD - Update - Analysis (42% and 54% gains) — Steemit

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 23.25.58.png

Sometimes I think about persistence in terms of technical analyses—

My life has levels of support and levels of resistance.

Haha, Crypto has taken over my life!

Does this ever happen to any of you?

More than helpful! He gave us the secret, so easy but true. Actually too easy.

So crazy helpfull :)
Im wondering how much we can vote this comment up? :))

Glad you enjoyed this video :)

One thing is however also something one should not forget - the numbers we see on the rewards page very often do not represent the actual profit as upvote bots play a huge role to reach these levels very often.

Persistence plus using multiple upvote bots on every post you publish should actually be what you should be saying :P

Probably. And thank you for pointing that out @robinhaney. That leads to another question: Can anyone succeed on good content alone? Sure, we can say, "Bring your blog to this platform and get paid," but that makes it sound easy. It's just a hook, without giving the full story. Bait and switch. Deception, IOW, albeit unintentionally.

But it doesn't have to be that way. We could say these things up front: "It takes a lot of work, it takes persistence, and you need to invest in upvote bots. And you actually have to have content that someone on here is interested in." But do we? People go weeks and even months before they hear this...

A person can still be paid, little by little, just by establishing a network and producing content. No bot is necessary.

Though having said that, I'd sure be interested to know of someone on #steemit who is "just an author", pulling in even $1000 monthly (or a cash value in their account that would allow him or her to pull that much out without sucking his account dry) - and writing about nothing but crypto or steemit doesn't count :) Do you know of any?

Hi @kirbyhopper - Are you talking $1000 (USD) monthly? I think that is a pretty low target for a theoretical writer or content producer that is doing it full time. If you do a quality post every day, and build up an audience, that would work out to be $33USD per day through clicks and upvotes. Heck, I'm pretty sure I could do that. (Do I want to do that job every day? Not really at this time, but it's an available path.)

Now is it possible to make a full-time middle class career out of it? Now we're talking a pretty steep climb. However, there are some content producers that make a pretty good living at it. I'm thinking about the wonder-vloggers with a following like David Pakman. It's a rare beast, but not a unicorn.

Maybe we can set up a "30-day content challenge", you and me... To see if either of us (or both) could produce $1000 worth of content (writing, video, photography, whatever) on Steem in 1 month with no upvote bots. Would you be up for that? :-D

Nah because I plan to use upvote bots starting Feb. 1 :) And besides, my blog posts have limited appeal to this audience so I'm going to have to shift gears and talk about something more relevant, like building an online community.

OK, no problem. I might do it, anyway. Multimedia - blog post plus performance. :-D

My car just died today and I could use a little extra dough. :-(

That is true, but ultimately few people with quality content are going to be satisfied with that.

I have succeeded on good content alone for sure - it just can be a bit harder now more than ever with more people joining and for the early people who haven’t invested lots

@joeparys I find your attitude so disrespectful :)) you don't even reply to my comments...I am so disappointed, I though you were different! Maybe next time you should not brag with your so called"awesome giveways", because none of the participants received any steem/sbd. I will stop following & bothering you!


Very good post. Man, you are inspiring me to do videos on dtube. Loved the presentation and the audio. Please make a video on your recording equipment as well. It will be very helpful for people like us. I will keep this is mind PERSISTENCE

Lets hope by following your footstep we also reach to this level

Follow and vote at your comment guys..

Congrats on your success! I'm looking forward to more posts and vids!

Do not distribute false secrecy.

I couldn't agree with you more about persistence. With everything that you do in life persistence is a major factor.

That's the name of the game!

It is key

Persistence doesn't work for me man :( , I've been on the platform more than 8 months, and I have a group of more than 18500 on facebook about steemit, please tell us the real secret. Your post really make me crazy losing my mind. ☺ lol even with buying upvotes I can't be at least once in the trending posts. Persistence is really not enough, I think we have to just post more and wait for that whale we dream of to notice us. ☺

TRUTH that it's not only Persistence but also luck and quality.

I have an idea then for you if you are willing to put some time and effort into learning great content creation. If you want to learn great writing skills, let me know because I have a course i'm taking and its really in depth and teaches you everything from what grabs peoples attention so they want to read your posts, to future pacing and nuero linguistic programming as well. Its pretty amazing. just shoot me an email [email protected]

Thanks for your transparency @clixmoney. I don't want to be the one to ask you this but I gotta ask, do you have something to offer? I think we all think we do (have you seen all the drivel being posted on steemit?), but it really is the rare individual that actually does. I think for every 1 who does there's 100 who try, and this system, by nature, will benefit the 1 at the expense of the 100. Do you have what it takes to be the 1? Are you going to end up being one of the 100 who invests time and money for it to go nowhere? Hard questions, and a little self reflection is needed. BTW, "great content creation" is more than just learning to be a good writer, but being a poor writer will certainly torpedo your efforts if you do in fact have something of value to offer here. I wish you the best!

Yes I have my big group on facebook, and now I am doing everything to make it bigger even I already have there more than 18500 members, you can find the link of that in my posts because I don't like to spam in others posts. I have an amazing system to help people grow on steemit and that's one of the value I give for the community, I don't like other facebook groups because they accept there all the posts and let them comment by their links but in my group I am very strict and you will never find there spam or plagiarism because I check every single post posted there. I am growing on steemit but it's very slow for me compared to my effort, I am glad but I jut want a little more because I feel my self undervalued. But I believe that if we never give up on something, we will reach the success for sure. ☺

Life is all about persistence. I totally agree with this statement. I guess a bit of luck and talent is also needed however to be able to climb to the rewards amounts you are currently at. Congratulations!

yes, helpful tips, thanks man


“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too.

All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favour all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would have come his way.

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.”

― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Thanks for sharing your knowledge! keep it coming brotha!

Hi Joe. I have one question why the price of steem and steem dollar is only half of the orginal price compare to coinmarketcap? When you converted or cashout using BTC/ETH . Like if you have 1 STEEM DOLLAR and when you converted it to BTC I only got approx. 3 usd. but the current price is 7 usd something on coinmarketcap .

Thanks for the motivating video. My secret for Steemit is quality, consistency and patience. Labor Omnia Vincit - Labour Conquers All!

Great advice Joe, I wanted to ask you what program do you use to write a text on a screenshot? YOUR HELP WOULD MUCH A APPRECIATED !!!


Interesting question! I am also curious:)

You mean the lower thirds graphic? It is after effects program 😬

Would you be able to do a short video on that? It looks sick!

I'm on board with persistence!! It's been tough as an artist to regularly create new content but I've recently developed a habit of posting every other day and keeping up with that for the last month or so. Here's to fightin' the good fight. Thanks for the video, it was a good boost of encouragement!

Followed you, awesome to connect with so many other artists on here!

Good work! I will be persistent from now on!

Input better and excellent outputs

must be something to do with that bald head. So smooth and silky

Great video! Love it!

Thanks joe!

Wow! This is what I wanted to know! Such a great video!!!

Thanks for update information, amazing post, thanks for shsring

Your videos are very informative ..Great Work Appreciate You

@joeparys I just started doing this yeasterday after a lot of pestering, i mean encouragement, from my loving and amazing husband. I just wanted to say thanks for the advice. As Mr. Wil Wheaton would say lets have fun and remember
don't be dick 2.jpg
Also seems to be a great family motto!

May your video turn out to new way of using Steemit .

Thanks for the hints and the motivation to keep on. I am sure that this will also help to get more and more good content on this platform.
greetings :)

The advise sounds simple but its true. Most times we just want quick gains and not willing to put in the hard work. Always give value. Thank.

This is the best post in Steemit!💥 Thank you for sharing this video! Now I follow you.. I know you gonna reach 5 000 followers, even 50 000 in next 2 3 years! Good luck! Keep sharing 🤗

Persistence is the key. Love it man! 🍻

Reminded me of Ray Kroc, who turned McDonald's into a franchise business. I like to replicate others' methods of success. And one day you are going to hit that hulk smash. Boom. 🌏

Yes it is, persistence...I believe the "bang" will happen to me also. Thanks @joeparys for the encouragement.

This is going to help me and all the new steemers a lot. Thanks for sharing this videos. Followed you here and on Youtube. Good Luck.

That's excelent, that help me, thanks to much , but a question:
Do you have a video where you teach to change steem in steem dollars and this in real money?
I would appreciate that THANKS!!!

Yes I do! Check out my earlier blogs!

Ohhhh thanks, i will see the video, this comment is a bit late but the intention is that count
P.D: I dont know speak english XD :D

Hello there! Grettings from Venezuela. Congratulations for your success and thanks for sharing it with us. I hope to follow your example. Please, visit my posts. I would like to get some advice from you.

Thanks for this reminder-it is sometimes a difficult place for persistence but without it you wont get anywhere

I totally agree. I am making from 0 to a few cents per post, but I will keep on going. I have a lot to share in this community and I will keep posting.

Could you like my comment pls ? xD

thanks for the inspiration. persistence is hard but seems like a must.

Not bad, actually we all kinda knew deep down that this is the way XD

Oh Really your video must help me to begin my new start on steemit.
thank you for your sharing sir. thums up.

This video is MASTERPIECE :)

Exactly. I bet this one magic word which you said in this video is not just secret behind your success on steemit, it could become the reason for success on any platform.
Every one of us is capable of achieving success on any platform at any endeavour of life no matter what if we stick to this simple formula.
All our failures have one common cause and which is not other than greediness of becoming successful immediately.
Hope to see other useful videos from you very soon. Keep it up man.

Could you like my comment ? :D

I'm just starting in this community so this really made my day thanks :)

I really loved your content and video, I hope you do good in future such a great inspiration for others... god bless you & good luck for 5000 followers....!

So much help for us noobies thank you Joe

Inspirational video :D

What pay bots to get votes? More money you spend more popular you become on steem - you have to get rich get famous quick.

Good post ! You are moving me to do recordings on dtube. Addored
the introduction and the sound. Kindly make a video on your chronicle gear also. It will be extremely useful for individuals like us.

Could you like my comment pls ? xD

Could you like my comment pls ? xD

Thanks!! keep up the good work!!

Good Luck in next films :D pretty amazing

Very encouraging tip and wise words, @joeparys!

Good video, and awesome channel. Thank you for advice!

I totally agree with you joe ! Persistence is for sure the most important, but lets also dont forget about the Quality of the content you post. Its not enough just to upload everyday something. Its important to be a quality content that can help people learn something or content that shows something you have done yourself (art, photos, etc.)

can be videos too?

I got a lot of thought thanks to that.
Always be filled with happy things. :) every

Youtube? Steemit coming for you! :D

So, Steemit is just like life, ya gotta actually do something to see results.
Great video and great advice, by the way.

One thing he said is really true and important don't do it for the money! Do it to give something to the community. We have the chance to form this new community and we should use it :D.

Thanks I have learnt a lot from this very short. Its short because it is very interesting. Am new here and this is what I really need to boost my mind thanks a million, am following you now and you have my vote always.

That was really educative....thanks to you.

Very helpful thanks a lot!

Good job keep it up bro👍

Wow, you cannot be more right about consistency. Thanks to your extra little kick in the butt I needed to keep posting. I am blown away by the success of my last post. highest previous upvote was 86 cents now it's 186$! Wow! Thanks again for the extra drive to just keep posting. If I could re-upvote somehow I would.

Very informative... However, I have a question... How do we approach steemit content? Should it be to specific to one category or open? What do you all think?

GREAT POST!!! i am A New Bee here on this Great platfrom and that was inspiring!!! It is not easy still to make it in this world but it looks like that this place is saving people's lives !!! Thank you for giving me motivation i know that this post will help lots of Good peeps here!! I can't wait to see your next post !

Mate i did follow you , i will also add soon content to this steemit , so wee can all enjoy a great co operation , so seeya and have fun !

So many great post on Steem and the people who post the info are fantastic too, I love this site!

Hi I am taking your udemy curse

Hey thanks for all your work i am learning alot from your videos. Btw u said u regularly interact with your readers ;) hopefully i can get a hello as well :)

Awesome stuff here. Being a beginner here as well I can certainly appreciate the amount of work that you have put into your blog. You are correct though, write about not only what interests you but try to make it informative and helpful to others. I am starting to find a lot of my Google searches for crypto related news are returning Steemit posts so the more good info you can share, the more people you can naturally bring to this platform and help grow it. I think this truly does have the ability to one day overtake Facebook and become the new social media standard.

@joeparys I understand that persistence is the path to success. I'm curious as to why you used voting bots on this post. Does that really help boost your money or your influence or what? It must be cost effective, but at what influence point does it become worth doing? 40? 50? 60? I'm eager to learn about this.

nah and done for drink a cup coffe haha

Sometimes I feel like a baghodler, but nice vid :)

Who Loves Crypto? I do :P

Very Inspiring.
Thank You for sharing. Loved it.

Thanks for sharing your tips! I'm a newbie, so I REALLY appreciate it! Also, I noticed you're in Chicago, IL! I'm in Central IL (Decatur to be specific), not many people around here have heard of Steemit, so I was a little excited when I saw another Illinois person :-)

it helps us a lot,we need to apply it.

Thank you for sharing @joeparys very inspiring and informative. Will subscribe to your page and learn more...

Thanks for the post joeparys! I will Follow, Upvote and Resteem you after this comment, be sure and do the same for me. Here's wishing all the best to you and yours in 2018!
Danny Zale ~ @factcheck

I'm new to Steemit. Thanks for the advice and openness! =) Where do you get ideas for publications?telling-secrets-big-e1379620235254.jpg

A lot of the time it’s from comments and other asking questions!

Thank you for information, being a minnow is this pond of steemit is a lot of learning but it will pay off. Thanks for keeping it classy;)

Thanks that is exactly what I was thinking. Just forget about rewards and post good content. Aim for making better and better posts and the money will follow...