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I'm sure many of users had this problem that their uploads fail from time to time, but that isn't one of the problems. the problem appears right after that:
1- The upload failed message appears for a brief time and disappears before we notice. When I leave a video to upload and come back, nothing is there to notify me of how the process have gone and there is no difference between a failed upload and a finished upload, until I click the upload button.
This wouldn't be a big deal if the second problem didn't exist.
2- When an upload fails, there is no way to retry or re-upload. I have to refresh the page to upload again and my precious title, description and tags disappear when I refresh.
You can see how that can become frustrating when I have to open a notepad every single time I upload something to d tube. and I have to type all of the tags on every attempt.

the solution is simple, removing the timer on the failed message and adding an upload again button should fix the problem resulting in a much more user friendly platform.

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