Someone in the summer

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This film consists of clips from 21 and 22 July of 2014. It was not intended that these clips should end up ia a short film.
The 13 January 2015, a freighter lost large parts of its load in a storm at the north sea. The boat was loaded with timber and large parts of the load blew ashore in the coast where I live. It became a "Klondike-like" atmosphere among the residents and people in the area to gather free wood. The result was that my childhood playgrounds changed. Landowners with boathouses that stood until maturity, now took the chance to demolish the old buildings to raise new ones. The film captures the cultural landscape as it looked before this boat lost its load.
The day I filmed was the hottest day as long as I can remember. The thermometer showed 32-35 degrees Celsius. This is very unusual in my local aera. The first part of the film is devoted to the coast where I spent much time in the childhood. The second part depicts the everyday life of my dear family this hot summer weekdays. It was fairly quiet because the heat took its toll. The silence was also due to the fact that all the kids in the family was away on vacation.
Filmed with a GoPro 3+ black edition. Bought the camera when it was launched and has not properly started using it until now. The film is edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. The idea behind the film was to expand my knowledge of masking and rotoscoping. Therefore some sequences seem a little insincere. When practicing these techniques, it is easy to fall for the temptation to exaggerate too much. Believe me, this version is toned down from the first editing was done.
To edit GoPro footage in Premiere pro is not easy. Found out after I had filmed , that the blender in the camera adjusts automatically. It was not easy to correct this during editing. Besides, the "lens distortion removal function" is very much computing power intense because the feature is not optimized for the "Mercury playback engine" just yet. Especially in combination with the "Warp stabilizer". This combination creates lots of "flicker" in the image. When in addition to "sharpen" the image, this requires a powerfull computer. Chose not to "sharpen" the image when it magnified the "flicker" too much. It turned out that my computer had enough power, but Adobe Premiere Pro CC struggled to keep up. The software crashed sometimes as a result. To "save" more often than usual is a necessity when working with GoPro clips.
The music is by Peaking Lights. The song is called Summertime. It is my hope that Peaking Lights approves the use of their music in the film. Have not quite figured out how to get in touch with them to ask permission. If anyone has objections that the music is used in the film, please contact me and I will remove the sound from the movie.

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