The Game of Mirrors ...Beyond the Game of Thrones

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This post is about how ones dreamscape changes when owning how powerful ones inner life truly is. I have posted below my comment to
the creator of this vid. All I can say is, we are the world we see. This is freedom...not the other way around...

He said to show this video to friends and family.
I will donate all my SBD that I receive for this post to Neo Glimmers Children's Fund.
I hope he comes to @dtube @steemit

Neo Glimmer
My search lead me to this wondrous clue.
Last night I sensatated to the Subconscious that I needed the out reflexion of my inner I watched a video about Steve Perry...last night I owned my responsibly for what I have emanated..not just the idea, but the downloaded experience that I am my world...and my world is me...

You look like Steve Perry sharing about the very doors I have opened. Now my brother why don't you hop over to @dtube and set up shop over in the golden BlockChain...via @steemit you can still keep your channel here on YT. You would add great value to Steemit and dtube. This is something I found that represents a way to express and by Giving for a you rewarded for your great content. When someone up votes your post, you are given $ in the form of steempower which is Converted Crypto.

That's another the semblance script that I have seen is that Crypto is a metaphor for the bull to finally Gourd the fiat Matador of centralization....I'm a Dream Gamer...sounds like you are too. .you have been my teacher today...appreciation to game just updated.;))
Motherfesting and Manifesting...with no lag time...
@kuttlefishx. Notice the green northern light spiral on the beginning of your vids and look at my steemit page...
Excellent video my friend

Videosource: youtube/neo glimmer