A Forking Good Time

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Whether you want to view it as an alternative to, or an addition to, Anarchapulco, I wanted to let people know about ANARCHAFORKO, which is coming up this February. Amanda and I will be there, and will be doing a two-day “Candles in the Dark” seminar there. For more information, to get tickets, or to set up your own talk/activity at the event, visit their website at: anarchaforko.com .

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Sounds really cool and like a nice addition to Anarchapulco. I hope I can attend there as well. The crypto winter makes it much harder than last year!

P.S. You should wait with your self-upvote until minute 15, because you will otherwise burn that money and send it back to the reward pool.

Thanks for the tip, although at the moment my vote is worth about two cents, so it doesn't matter much either way. :) Hope to see you in Mexico!

If you're interested, you can help support larken while getting your ticket and use his couponcode, which is larkenrose. It'll give you 15% off the ticket and he will receive half the ticket funds as a reward!

@larkenrose what is the schedule because my plane lands on the 12th at noon so there is a possibility that I can't attend :/

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