A Technical Look at Gold, Silver and Some Silver Miners.

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Today I will be looking at some gold and silver charts and also at some of the silver mining stocks that I have owned or trade in the past. I will also look at the stock market and the Federal Reserve's balance sheet and what those two might be telling us.

I will also touch upon what I think are some sources of income, speculation and safety for one's savings or wealth.

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Thanks again, Maneco64. Yes, I think 90% junk silver is one of the ways to go. It is recognizable, historical, collectible, great to hold, valuable, and more. There are plenty of dimes like these available at Local Coin Shops for under $1.50 (USD) each. Right around spot price. And many other choices, too.

Hi @cv3, I agree. I have U.S., U.K. and Canadian junk silver too.

Amazing analysis. Love to see this. I’m not a huge TA guy, but I always like to have that added perspective as well.

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