me interviewing my friend Leon about life (for about a minute and a half)

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Watch me interviewing my friend Leon about life (for about a minute and a half) video on DTube

A few days after I accidentally interviewed my mother in law (in May 2013), I interviewed my friend Leon on purpose. I used an iPhone and the 8mm app (filter: Film Noir). I don't have a smart phone now (I got rid of it because I felt I wasted too much time staring at it) but looking at these video's I do regret that. Anyway. Leon came to visit and without announcing it to him I started filming and asking questions. For those who don't understand Dutch, this is what we said:

Marie: Leon, you are a construction worker, how do you like your life as a construction worker?
Leon: Very very very bád! I would advise anyone against it.
Marie: And you're not really a construction worker at heart, are you?
Leon: At heart I am a ballerina in a tutu.
Marie: O I thought you were a writer?
Leon: Yes, that also, a writing ballerina in a tutu.
Marie: But you are such an all-rounder Leon, you can play the piano, you can cook, you can serve in a restaurant, you can write you can do só many things and still you've become a construction worker, how is that possible, Leon?
Leon: Well, eh... it is eh.. it is inherited sin, inherited from my father.
Marie: O jee, what a unpleasant inheritance is that! But eh, you are now schooling yourself, you're going to be an NLP coach.
Leon: Coach and Therapist.
Marie: Exactly, coach and therapist. And you almost finished, aren't you. And that work suits you much better?
Leon: I don't know yet, but yes I think I will like it better.
Marie: It will certainly cause you less pain in your back!
Leon: Definitely less pain in my back!
Marie: So that's an improvement.
Leon: And if it's lucrative I will be perfectly happy.
Marie: I wish you the best of luck, Leon.
Leon: Muchas gracias Marie.
Marie: Thanks!