Interviewing my mother in law

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This is a very short conversation with my mother in law, in May 2013, it was the very first filmed interview I ever did and I still like to look at it because it always makes me laugh! In the beginning she isn't aware of the fact I'm filming here. When she finally realises, she starts acting, and then I start acting too, I pretend I'm interviewing a famous actrice. We had fun! Anyway, now it's the very first video I upload here on dTube! For those who don't understand Dutch I will translate what we said:

Marie: I'm filming you, you should move around a bit
Tonia: O you are filming me! That's different! I'm going to check on my caserol! Only a few minutes then it will be fine!
Marie: The actrice Tonia Eumelen plays for us a housewife
Tonia: A housewife, well, you can tell them I ám the housewife!
Marie: Tonia, how do you like you're life as a housewife?
Tonia: Very well!
Marie: How long have you been a housewife now?
Tonia: For almost fifty two years!
Marie: And you always were content?
Tonia: Yes, it's nice, I wouldn't wish for anything else, I had a very nice life.
Marie: But it's not over yet, is it?
Tonia: No, I hope for at least another fifteen/twenty years!
Marie: Okay! Now please wave to the audience!
Tonia: I wave with my kitchen glove!


I edited the post by adding a translation. I'll try to figure out how to make subtitles.