Monero Gets Multisig! / BitPay To Support Bitcoin Cash / Cobinhood & CME Futures Have Both Launched

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Story - Multi Signature Wallets Coming To Monero

Yesterday, on the Monero GitHub, pull request 2134 entitled Multisig was merged by the one and only fluffypony.

Now this has been merged into the Monero codebase it can be integrated into the next core wallet release and Monero wallet developers can begin building truly private multisig wallets.

Someone on Reddit was campaigning to get Monero integrated into OpenBazaar as a result of this.

That is because multisig now allows you to do private payments but with with an escrow, in case you need a mediator to come in and resolve a disputed transaction.

I think the success of Monero is one of the most interesting phenomena because their marketing is pretty much to develop the protocol and then when something cool gets built, people like me talk about it.

So I suppose you could say they end up getting free advertising on merit.

I said recently I have been eagerly awaiting Monero support for the Ledger Nano S, well did you know that the Monero community have already crowdfunded a Monero hardware wallet

This fundraiser is on their forum and was originally posted 3 months ago.

In the meantime though, I have accepted the risk of using the web wallet.

So far it’s working OK but I can’t recommend it to anyone in case there is a security issue with it and you lose your money.

That’s why I said I am accepting the risks of doing this.
Story - BitPay To Launch Bitcoin Cash Support

I actually Tweeted this out as soon as I heard about it.

In that Tweet I basically referred back to my recent comments that businesses will not wait for Bitcoin to scale.

This is because they want to bring the benefits of cryptocurrencies to their users now and whichever technology offers that will get used.

This is why I keep banging on about the user experience. This is how it works in the free market.

Users have all the power, they are the ones that demand the solutions to their problems.

The entrepreneurs job is to find solutions to those problems, and then transfer them to the users.

Because the entrepreneurs are all competing with each other to provide the most effective solutions possible and gain the most market share, they’ll be constantly on the lookout for better solutions to their customers problems in order to get an edge on the competition.

And this announcement from bitpay is an example of a trend I think we are going to see continue for the reasons I’ve outlined.

So BitPay in this blog say…


So this doesn’t mean Bitcoin is going to go away. It just means Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash offer different features which will suit different use cases.


So this is people actually buying stuff. We know that because BitPay is a checkout system for merchants that allows people to pay with Bitcoin.

[show screen shot under yellow heading]

In terms of when this is happening…

Story - CME Bitcoin Futures Launch With Little Fanfare

If you tuned into my live stream last night you will have been there for the launch but for everyone else the CME Bitcoin Futures product has now begun to trade.

Nothing much happened at the opening, and many people in the live stream chat suggested that the optimism about the launch was already priced into Bitcoin from last week's run up.

I think that’s a fair statement.

In terms of the price of the futures contracts in the last 12 hours since they launched...

They opened way up at 20,650 and are now at…

Story - Cobinhood Launched At Last

The eagerly awaiting launch of Cobinhood has arrived.

I say eagerly awaited, eagerly awaiting by me.
The beta version has been available for a while but didn’t do any real trades.

At midnight however all test accounts were reset and you can now sign up for an official account.

I attempted to sign up right away last night during the stream but it wouldn’t let me, probably because there was too much traffic.

I have now managed to register an account although there doesn’t seem to be a lot happening in terms of trading so I’ll see what happens throughout the day.

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Glad to see Monero growing from strength to strength.
Monero has been my favourite cryptocurrency for some time, and keeps improving.
The undisputed King of the private coins.
Also the Monero developers are true to Cypherpunk and Freedom principles. Unlike the devs of Zcash....

Here's hoping they add more alts soon!

@marketingmonk great updates, appreciate the quality content you are bringing here.

Thank you for the support. Don't think that I haven't noticed you ;). Very much appreciated.

For all those who have recently gotten rich with crypto, consider that one of the most rewarding uses for that wealth is helping those you care about. Do big things for your family and friends. Change lives around you while we change the world together. #Bitcoin

The escrow function will be 🗝 for me. Didn't know about that funding for the monero hard wallet, that's really interesting as well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Hey ,
Thanks for the great content

good info and great updates especially in cryptoverse

Great show and exciting times

still not sure what can I use monero for.. I have that online wallet from them, mining monero made me feel insecure rather than with enhaced privacy..

Dont like the monero button and logo

Great news, I think it is time for Monero to reach 10 Billion $

Yes - Monero is a great project

I really want to buy some COB tokens, but I can't get EtherDelta to work. Do I just need to raise the gas price? Whats the best price?

Cobinhood looks really neat and zero fees are great! However, only being able to switch between ETH and BTC doesn't sound very interesting to me.. Is anyone aware of plans to add new coins?

Yes they are going to add BCC, ETC, LTC, ZEC, XMR, XRP, NEO, OMG, USDT, DASH, IOTA, EOS, REP, and GNT in the near future. Source:

In its initial phase, Cobinhood only supports BTC, ETH, COB, and USD. When/if these other coins get added; Cobinhood stands to be a game-changer!

Agreed! I've been in COB since October! Went to 10x pre launch

BitPay will go 1-2x up in 2 weeks

Thanks for sharing

Cobinhood is so uninteresting imho, but as always good post Chris. Hope you write something about ICON and WANCHAIN soon.


great data and awesome updates particularly in cryptoverse

this is a huge update,, I think it will move the market as you mentioned it is already in twitter.
I would like to Resteem your post.
I already did.
Thank you

Thank you for the interesting information. I will follow you daily for your crypto markets expertise. You are a definite leader!

You should talk also about swisscoin, its a promising coin

I like monero because I can CPU mine it from my own website just using simple java script and I have a load of old device that can now be put back to life.

Agreed. Although this is true, please remember to keep your visitors’ privacy in mind and allow them the opportunity to opt out...unlike the now infamous Showtime fiasco.

I'm have to be compliant otherwise I would get de-ranked by google. I have all Privacy, Cookie, Third Party Policies CLEARLY displayed. It's also the users option if they want to mine and how much CPU they want to use. I also tell them about the damage that can be caused to their device with prolonged use. My members get shown their HASH RATE and the subsequent earnings from their hashes, I just keep a percentage that is also clearly displayed to te user.
I have a lot of websites and a lot run google ads so I wouldn't want to get blacklisted. I also work with legitimate partners who I also wouldn't want to get banned from.

People that don't tell users such stuff can't be bothered doing a bit of hard work and want to try and cheat users and partners and are usually banned from all the legitimate ways to earn. They learn the hard way.

It was great news for monero it was more pump I think in future

great thanks for sharing it helps !

thank you br,my best coin

Great, I really needed to get updated about Monero...
I retweeted your post..
Monero makes me so curious all the time..
thanks for useful post..

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Thanks. Good information on this topic.

@marketingmonk Big things coming for Monero & Zcash!!! Especially cosnidering their anonymity properties! Thank you for another informative post, always one step ahead.

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Yeah Monero! I love it and it barely has anything written in here about it!

ı think monero is a best coin after the btc thanks bro

Wow, didn't know cobinhood has launched, definitely a train to hop on . Amaizing Post btw #upvoted #resteemed

Hi! friend i'm here and I read your post, it's really good information and thanks for share with us...

What other cryptocurrencies do you think bitpay will eventually add ? Litecoin and DASH maybe?

Exactly. Those two for sure i think.

This is like one of the most informative post i've seen in a while :) good job mate

This information is very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Finally my prediction a few months ago proved. when at that time many of my friends doubt my decision to save MONERO. No loss I save MONERO until now. I hope MONERO will be more advanced and forward again. Success is always MONERO .....

Am really happy to hear about this great improvement.
But i want to ask .. Hw do we earn on this programme .. And hw does it work, why because we ve encoutered several scam in the name of btc upgrading and other kinds of cryptocurrency woving around which i need to mention them.
Enlighten me more ..

I've done a lot of research to support Futures, and it's really a share of the answers to many of my questions.

Excellent Information. Thanks for sharing Mark

Here is a list of the new coins being added to Coinbase in 2018 Dash - Ripple - Monero

Nice post

wow amazing,,

I’ve got crypto fever!!!

Monero is my type of privacy cryptocurrency coin!

yeaaah i will participate

Amazing Post thanks for the info, I've always mined Monero and would love to trade it directly

does this mean it will help my Moreno mining?

Great enlightenment! Thanks for sharing this among steemit family. I follow and upvote you.

your content is amazing.will signup for bitpay

what do you think about Ripple (XRP)?

I like cryptocurrencies

thanks for sharing the experience you had when first starting out. i will keep that in mind for any future comments i might be making. thanks for preventing new steemians from making those mistakes :) by the way i like what your doing here on steem, you keep it real, i can appreciate that for sure :)
thanks for sharing your experience :) ..

monero for the wine

Thanks again for having me on, it was a pleasure!

Happy for Monero, but privacy coins will probably be banned. I prefer RAIBLOCKS atm: 1,000x faster than Bitcoin, fully decentralized, 100% feeless, and no insane 30 TeraWatts/hour of energy use as with Bitcoin. It's post-blockchain DAG tech, like IOTA, but for human-human payments. Recently flattened to exchanges due to trade volume.

Wow, great post! Very juicy and informative article! Thank you

I will follow you to learn more i am a total newbie

Monero and Dash may be the superstars of 2018.

Btw if you like playing indie video games, feel free to check out my blog and also upvote for support if you like the content. Cheers!

Appreciate the information

I am sure this will lead into price increase for Bitcoin Cash in few days now effective today :)

I invested in the bad times at 2k for Bitcoin Cash. Hope the price recovers with some returns sooner or later so I can diversify into other cryptos

Excellent news!! Monero is growing fast!

Also dont forget another big ticket item - Bullet Proofs
These will reduce the transaction size by up to 80% leading to a similar reduction in transaction fee!

CryptoNote Currencies like Monero and SumoCoin will be big players in 2018 when people realize that privacy and security are of highest priority.

Thanks, who needs the news when we have you! Monero has had an incredible run up in price recently, so I don't know if I can buy it now... What about zcash?

@marketingmonk, it would really help if nano ledgers provides wallet capability for Monero I suppose given that it's the biggest privacy coin today.. Not sure about how the crowdfunded hard wallet will turn out, but having monero in a Nano ledger would encourage soembody like me to buy it and hold it more..

Monero Gets Multisig! / BitPay To Support Bitcoin Cash / Cobinhood & CME Futures Have Both Launched.
We are waiting for this slide to make it all beautiful

good info and great updates especially in cryptoverse

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I found similar article on Monero that covers the everything from why it matters to how to buy and store it:

I think Monero is a cryptocurrency worth keeping an eye on. Bitcoin transactions have become pretty expensive and I would predict Monero to become the main used currency for many transactions.

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Thanks for sharing. How much do you think Monero will grow over 2018?

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This information very interesting, we need lot of futures to make good decision. Thanks for great info.

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