thats is the exact direction im going!! I already hit the plot points for it. i have one vlog more before that one will come out

Nice man, just reading your thoughts a bit haha!! Love to see how deep you are able to throw yourself into characters. Not sure how we could pull it off but I would love to try a collaboration with you at some point. I think we could work really well off one another's energy. Future goals!! :)

yes!!! im in. Lets do it!!

YESS!! I'm trying to video/voice chat everyone in the dtubedaily group this month so if you have some free time in the next week let me know. We can discuss some ideas when we have a chat. Cheers brother :)

im pretty wide open....i can clear time nearly whenever. just a bit of notice

Sweet man! I'll DM you at some point this week and we will set something up.