an snowy day

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about an snowy day in the countryside

Today was a rainy day and in the morning when we woke up, we decided to go out and enjoy the fresh air. We went to Vardij, Its a beautiful countryside village in Tehran.
On the road we encountered snowy weather. It was more better than we thought. When we arrived we climbed a little. It was exciting and really cold. The rocks under the snow were like coockies with sugar powder.
Everything was so dreamy and we enjoyed a lot. We like to share our photos and videos with you to enjoy with us as well.

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And I thought is was warm in |ran haha 💯🐒

Iran is a country with 4 seasons. and Tehran has a very cold winter and very hot summer

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I know we never really hear anything about Iran over here! Looks an amazing country, not like the place we get told. Looking forward to more 💯🐒

I like how you described the rocks I think they indeed look like cookies with sugar powder. Great view which I only get to see on photos keep them coming my friend

thanks for your great comments

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