Behind The Code ep. #14 - So why are actually computers all about zeros and ones?

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1001101...When people see this most of them are like - "Yeah, that's computer stuff". But they doesn't actually give it a second thought and ask why is it actually computer stuff. Why cannot computers count the way we people do. They're much better in counting in general. Make less mistakes and are much faster. They should be able to understand more than 2 digits huh?

Well, computers are much more stupid than you actually thought :D


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I think you started writing in binary at some point...Saying 2 to the power of 2, writing 2 to the power of 1...

Binary solo!

Hahah oops :D srry :D hope it made sense anyway :)

It would be funny if you had written the powers in binary, too:
10110 = 1×10¹⁰⁰+0×10¹¹+1×10¹⁰+1×10¹+0*10⁰

Hahaha and then recursively explain the transformation to ten base system...and using powers written in binary...and again and again and again :D

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Not sure but I think it's called binary language. Right?

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hah watch the lesson if you're not sure :D

Truth be told it was when i watched matrix the movie with Keanu Reeves, that i understood there is more to the 1s and 0s that make up the computer language... Imagine looking at 1s and 0s displaying on a screen and in your mind you can decipher it to see images, pictures just like u are watching a movie... Thats really deep for me.

I nice lesson i had learned on age 17.

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Well, not everyone is so fortunate to be as smart as you :D

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It was a first time my school got a computer and the first lesson was about how it works... I got my first computer on age 22, because i could not afford it or my parents... On age 19 using my friend computer hacked mIRC 🤣 i was bored on weekends in the university, because everyone went home and I stayed in university with friend's PC🙃

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The computers are not stupid. They are just machines that fulfill the will of the people.

Still kinda stupid tho :D until general AI happens and the smartest computers are not just pattern recognition, I think they're stupid :D

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thanks ! :) @matkodurko for the way we should different view point to deeply understanding the subject more ! 💙💙💙

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U welcome :D

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thank you for that info ;)
I'm learning programming right now and would like to build a dapp someday soon on steem blockchain :)

wow, good luck with that!

I'm glad that your video is the Dcontes selection.
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Keep happy.

Interesting and education lesson for computer. Thanks again for the valuable analysis.

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have you watched it? :D

Am so glad i only have to calculate based on ten based system in daily life and not the complicated binary system...

hah for sure :D nothing would work if we'll be using binary :DD

"Why cannot computers count the way we people do" Well at the end of the day we can come to a solid conclusion that computers are the "alter ego" of the human brain.

hmm interesting point with the alter ego..

Indeed! agreed with you my friend i relate you video because i am computer technician thank you and keep doing good things god blessed.

Thanks for sharing

Great opportunity to learned basic in computer. Thank you Sir

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@matkodurko, We can say this as, Creation Cannot Be Greater Than Creator. Stay blessed.

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I never thought like this and used to think that it's computer language only. Learningfull topic.

The best learning everyone should know. Thank you @matkodurko

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