Cycling trip to the Castle Duurstede and Let’s explore the old town.

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It was the first day of starting to feel like summer. So it’s a perfect time to ride the bike and took a trip in Wijk bij duurstede appro. 16 kms from our place . It’s a nice old town that has castle , windmill and in the other side is a river with small pier that make the place more special .

Duurstede Castle is a very old castle from 13th century build by Zweder I van Zuylen van Abcoude and was used by the militaries long years ago. It is sourrounded by water serve as a protection for the enemy.

it is nice place to visit and very interesting place and historical .

Thank you for stopping by and watching our video I really appriciate it .
Hope you all have a nice Monday and weekdays ahead .

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It looks there are lot trees almost green... here it takes one week more then same. 😊👌

And good vidoe, it looks you had lot fun.

Hi, In this part there are lot of trees, true, wonders of nature 😊
Oh that is good not so long waiting for you. I'm looking forward to see your cool more series of new life in your collections 😉.

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Soon next day and I can try find more 😋
And saime for you. 👌

Look like so beautiful place and having so much fun my friend.

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Yeah it nice place. Good to visit there. It was nice trip yes I enjoyed it😀. Thanks for your visit my friend.

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