Join Us and Let’s Watch the Rowing Championship of Universities in Netherlands 2019

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Greetings Dtube and Steemians. A beautiful Monday to all of you.
Today im sharing about the Rowing Championship Competion that was happened yesterday 7 of July 2019 in . The particpants was from different University around the Netherlands .

Full of energy around and a long waited day who will be the champion.
The Over All champion is the Team TRITON UTRECHT.
You will see all the winners in this link

After the game , The group of the winning team will be diving and swimming in the water of the canal to congratulate the Champion Team. But ofcoarse some other students can also swim and join. It was really nice sport event. Guys You can watch the video to see the actions.

As always thank you so much for watching my videos and I really and always appreciate your supports.

Happy Steemin’ and Dtubing everyone,
Take care .

BackUp video for future purpose:


greetings, dear and charming mjtravel

Your boyfriend is so serious.

Its make me remember that film "the social network" about facebook...

thank you and have a nice day

Hey @julisavio, thanks for your visit.
Yes He is always serious. But it's fine I can balance It. 😎
Which do you mean it makes you remember,? the seriousness of Mark or the rowing?
Yeah the movie is very interesting.actually I hope we will have a movie in the future about creation of STEEM. Have a good day to you too. 😊

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