The Tragic Fire of the Cathedral Notre-Dame in Paris and the pointed Reason.

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You probably heared about the news what tragic happened to the one of the Iconic Gothic Church Cathedral Notre-Dame in Paris . I couldn’t help it but I was in tears while watching the beautiful and sacred Church burning and Falling . My last visit there was just last two weeks ago and made a video for the Gothic and Iconic Church it just doubled the impact to me too.

Nine centuries building and two wars past the Notre – Dame still standing up but it damaged in just a couple of hours and the most sad to hear the reason is just NEGLIGENCE..

Another test for the French and I know they will overcome this and help the Notre-Dame Build Stand tall again.

"We will rebuilt the Cathedral All of Us Together, it's probably part of france destiny and it will be a project for years to come , I am commited to this " France President Emmanuel Macron .

Thank you for watching ..

Video used: DW News
Music :Hallelujah by: Roy and RoseMary Instrumenta

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Very touching, I’m so very sad to see such an iconic building suffer such damage due to negligence 😞

Be happy for one thing, you were able to capture some amazing footage prior to this tragic event!

I enjoyed your video deeply and have backed it up to the #OneLoveDTube IPFS Nodes so it will remain forever playable 💪

Stay Strong ❤️

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Thank You d00k very kind of You. I really appreciate Your words . And also thanks for backing Up the Video that mean so much to me.

Yeah I was bit emotional perhaps maybe I had so much memories this past years in the sacred church.

Yes that's the thing I thought and I am greatful I have took another video before this happened.

Anyway I have heard good news they try to fix it within 5 years, more than expected there are so much people willing to helped to make it happen.

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Your quite welcome my dear, I could tell this was a very emotional piece for you and that takes a lot of courage to share! Very well done 💪

That is great news, here is hoping they can restore it to its full glory 🤞

Stay Strong and Post On!

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Yes let's hope. Thank you d00k. Your very nice and so humble person. 🙏

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Your more than welcome my dear 😘

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May mga bumabatikos diyan s mga nagdonate for reconstruction. Bakit daw yan kaya donate-an ng milyon milyon samantalang ocean life conservation or environmental preservation hirap makakuha ng funding when in fact buhay pa mga sea and land creatures e unti-unti namamatay s pollution. Haaay buhay.

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Kumusta kabayan? Nakita ko balita, yung mga dumating na tulong s isang personalidad lang d biro.

Sana matulungan din nila yang sa ocean life preservation/environment preservation.

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At the moment, France needs something that will unite the country. Notre Dame is such an iconic symbol for the country that I believe it may temporarily bring the French people together.

Hi! Yes. That's true. Notre dame is one of the iconic that bring people together not only in France also people coming from other country.
In this kind of situation you will see the unity in this country.

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It’s really awful!! 😞

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Yeah, so sad. But the good news makes the people positive. they are busy planning for the reconstruction of the Iconic Gothic Church.

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