Rival Wrestling in Rowing Championship VARSITY 2019

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It was successful event Sport Rowing Championship yesterday in NL . Do you know that there is a very interEsting that happening while the athletes are competing each other?

This video I’m going to share is about the Rivals Wrestling , this are the other students from the Universities that joined in the Rowing Championship. This Battle is not serious fight It is a friendly Rivals to just provocate or test who is more stronger ..

The rules are they need to put their Rivals in the Ground . No punching ! No kicking!

The two groups are standing on the plot on the water and from there the Battle will happen . It is still dangerous because they can fall on the water or worst bumb their head. SO it’s not so ideal .

Wanna see the Action ? Please watch the Video .

( If your underage don’t have to watch the video, or You need guidance with your older family member or parents and Please DON’T TRY IT IN OR OUT OF YOUR HOUSE ) THANK YOU FOR LISTENING.

Anyway guys .Thank you so much for watching .
And till in my next video .
Take care and PEACE.

Backup video for future purpose:


Hahah that's look so funny. Lol

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It's Not so ideal...

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