I want help, I'm unable to send my video to the D tube application

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I hope everyone is having a great day.

Because, I have problems with using this D tube application

First of all, I don't understand that language you see in the picture.
I understand that it's giving me the upload button, and I pressed that button.

The video I am trying to upload starts playing it's sound in the background, but there's no change in the screen.
And nothing else happens.

And my Nokia 6 phone doesn't allow me to upload anything through a website.
So, I'm unable to upload the video through the website dtube.

So, I need an application to upload anything to the dtube platform.

Can someone please tell me, if there's anything else that I can use?
Can the @partiko app send my video to the dtube platform?

And thank you so much for reading this article. And have a great day!

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try to upload via FIREFOX... dont know why but had loads of probs up my vids via Chrome and the APP... so i tried some diffrent ways... firefox made it well atm...

I'm trying, but I am just failing every time.
Opera and Firefox didn't work.

I'm posting a new blog post with a picture, Firefox complains that "it's not an image that I am trying to upload"

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Thank you for your great response, and I really appreciate the upvote.

Do you know if this partiko app could send videos to dtube?

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And to explain the situation a bit further, I'm not able to use a computer for this. I always use my smartphone.

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