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RE: BuzzSteem Ep 10 - [Crypto Safety, Ponzi Schemes, Jerry Banfield exposed and more!]

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Awesome summary of current Steemit Events and awesome shoutout. Thanks Beth.

I love what you're doing here and will try to use the #fight4steemit tag in future. Perhaps you should setup another account under that name and take SP delegations so you can downvote the stuff you see failing the system.

A dog is never effective without a bite.

And yesterday I wrote about @djkhaled and as predicted he posted another copy and paste article. Fortunately, cheetah didn't vote for him this time.

There is a bigger picture here, and I'm trying to piece it together. It's not the sorts of puzzles I thought I'd be working on when I joined Steemit, bu this is more fun.


I love the new twist on your name! You are like a Steemit detective. I talked to @troglodactyl and he thinks we should use #fight4steem instead of #fightforsteemit. Ooo I like the idea of making an account. I just might do that! I think if I did that though, I would go after bigger fish. If they downvote the crap out of that account then at least it's not directly linked to my account. I would love to flag and downvote some dolphin and whale stuff, but man it would take a lot of SP delegation to make any kind of an impact. I think it's a start though! We are assembling an awesome team here! An investigative journalist, a detective, a shitpost seeker and flagger, a philosopher, blockchain programmers, and we are only growing! This is pretty exciting!

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